Using Window Film in Birmingham, AL to Prevent Sun Damage

Some of the most beautiful homes in the world have huge windows and wide open spaces that allow tons of natural light in. Natural light is one of the simplest ways to add luminescence to a home, yet there are downfalls to this perk that aren’t always immediately apparent. It’s only after a few years of keeping our curtains open and letting the light stream in that many homeowners begin to see the damaging effects that sunlight can have on their personal possessions. So how can you keep enjoying the beauty of natural light without seeing damage to your home’s interior?

Using window film in Birmingham, AL is one of the simplest, most cost effective ways to keep the sun coming it, without allowing it to fade colors or cause paint to peel. You might be wondering to yourself—what exactly is window film and how can it possibly keep my home safe from sun damage of it still lets light in? The explanation is simple: window film uses a special tinting compound to help it remain translucent, yet mitigate the damaging effects of UV rays. The film acts as a blocker for UV rays, while letting light into your home in a dissipated dosage.

Consider this: you have a room in your home that has a hardwood wall that can be seen directly through a bay window. That hardwood wall is coated with a special varnish or veneer that is subject to light, so that after years and years of direct sunlight shining on it, the varnish begins to peel. When you decide to scrape the wall and refinish it, you don’t want to have to worry about the same thing happening again, so wouldn’t it make sense to instead address the main problem? Adding window film in Birmingham, AL to the big bay window before you refinish the wooden wall will help to ensure that your veneer doesn’t peel from sunlight exposure again!

An even more practical example of using window film in Birmingham, AL is in regards to your personal possessions. Say, for example, that you have beautiful pictures of your family on an end table that faces a window in your living room. When the sun beats down upon these pictures, they’ll start to fade and potentially lose their detail. Instead of watching your pictures waste away in sunlight and losing the images that matter to you most, installing window film can instead lessen the effects of sunlight and help maintain the integrity of your photos.

If you’ve never heard of window film in Birmingham, AL before or want to see how it could potentially protect your home from sun damage, don’t hesitate to contact the best in the business: Solar Control Specialists. You’ll see just how many different types of window film there are and the purposes that they serve.

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