How Does 3M Window Film in Birmingham, AL Work to Make Windows More Secure?

It may not seem like a viable security option, but 3M window film in Birmingham, AL for your windows could go a long way in helping you to maintain the integrity of your panes, as well as everything behind them. Whether it’s an accidental abrasion, instance of defamation or even an attempted forced entry via the window itself, 3M window film can add structural cohesiveness to the window in such a way that it’s protected against all three. What’s more, it’s also cost effective compared to security glass and is almost undetectable when applied, making it a great option for commercial uses as well as residential applications.

As a commercial establishment, you might face the risk of graffiti or other defamation on your windows. This unfortunate act of disregard for property is not only unsightly, but also very costly to remove. For many small business owners, having to deal with graffiti is an expenditure that simply can’t be afforded, yet has to be taken care of immediately. Luckily, there’s a preemptive solution that can protect commercial establishments from graffiti on their windows and eliminate the need for replacements altogether: 3M window film in Birmingham, AL. 3M Window film adheres over the surface of a window pane so that it’s basically invisible. In the event that graffiti is tagged onto the window, all it takes is careful removal of the old 3M window film, application of a new layer and you’re well on your way to beautiful windows again!

Even residential homes can get a high level of use out of 3M window film in Birmingham, AL. Because 3M window film keeps glass intact better and prevents dangerous splinters of glass from breaking off into projectiles when the window is shattered, you won’t have to worry about thousands of sharp objects laying around in the event of an accident. Next time your child accidentally throws a baseball through the window and you’re forced to clean up a huge mess, you’ll at least have the comfort of knowing that the glass isn’t shattered into microscopic pieces that will lie in wait to injure you.

Another potentially beneficial aspect of 3M window film that applies to both residential and commercial venues is the actual security aspect of the film itself. If someone is going to break into your building through a window, it’s likely that they’ll do so by shattering the pane and using that hole to open a lock or climb through. What 3M window film does is keep that windowpane more intact, which makes it harder for the potential intruder to remove that pane at all. Because of this fact, the 3M window film acts as both a deterrent, as well as a security measure.

If you’re a homeowner concerned with the safety of your home, a small business owner worried about vandalism or even just someone who has experienced the unpleasantness of cleaning up a broken window, 3M window film could be the best method for making sure that your windows stay whole. Call Solar Control Specialist today to learn more about how you can take advantage of security window film.

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