The Added Protection of Birmingham Forced Entry Film

It’s astounding the number of forced entries that occur simply because a vandal was able to break the glass of an establishment and manipulate a locked door from the inside. All it takes is one well placed blow to a window and a shattered pane can instantly become the means for a break in. There is, however, a way to mitigate the risk of a break in at your home or business that doesn’t involve anything more than just a simple application of security tape.

Birmingham forced entry film is often used by homes and businesses to create a safety net for their windows. While traditional windowpanes shatter when impacted with any sort of force, those treated with an application of forced entry film do not shatter; instead their cracks are localized to the spot of impact. What this means is that the window is able to stay together even when it is acted upon with intense physical force. When a thief hits the window with a rock or pipe, instead of collapsing inward and leaving a hole for the robber to reach through, the pane will splinter, yet remain intact behind the film coating.

Also unique to Birmingham forced entry film is the clear, undetectable composition of the film. What this means is that when your windows have been treated with the film, it’s not noticeable by passersby. Your windows will remain clear and transparent, allowing you to enjoy them normally. And, because no one can tell the difference between protected glass and unprotected glass, potential vandals won’t tamper with the windows in a way that may compromise the forced entry film. All in all, Birmingham forced entry film is truly an invisible security measure that you can take to protect your home or business.

One final benefit of Birmingham forced entry film is the price that’s associated with it. Many home or business owners feel as though they need to invest in a highly expensive, often overpriced security system to protect them from forced entries and intruders. While this is one option available for added security, the cheaper alternative that may end up working just as well is clearly an application of security glass. If your doors are locked tight and your windows are in turn protected by this invisible shield, it’s going to be much harder to gain entry. Essentially, security film is the first line of defense that you can take, because all of those highly expensive alarm and security systems will only activate once the forced entry has taken place: they don’t actually help to prevent it!

Calling a window film specialist, like the ones at Solar Control Specialists, will go a long way towards helping you protect one of the most targeted aspects of your building: the windows. If you’re not currently using a protective window film to guard your panes, then you could be at risk for a forced entry. Don’t wait another day to ensure that your windows are as safe and secure as they can possibly be.

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