The Benefits of Different Types of Birmingham Window Film

Window film is a highly beneficial additive to any home or business and can dramatically improve the performance or versatility of your windows. Because there are a number of different types of film that can be easily applied to windows, you’re able to customize your panes to fit the specific needs of your home. And, because film is a cost effective alternative to replacing your glass with specialized windows, it’s often one of the best choices that a homeowner can make when faced with a number of daunting prospects, such as sun damage, forced entry or privacy issues.

Here are a few of the different types of Birmingham window film that you can apply to your glass in order to improve the effectiveness of your windows:

3M Window Film: The benefits of 3M window film are twofold. First and foremost, this security film allows you to improve the durability of your windows because it acts as a cohesive bond that mitigates the impact of force against the pane. As an example, let’s say that a baseball has been thrown at your window. Without the 3M window film, the ball is sure to shatter your pane and cause quite the mess. However, when the window is sporting Birmingham window film, the impact of the ball will be localized to the spot at which it strikes. Though the window may still be cracked or damaged, it will not likely shatter. Along with this main benefit, 3M window film also protects against some forms of sun damage and fading, much like the next example.

Solar Control Film: Sunlight beats down through your windows each day, but did you know that while it’s streaming in, the UV rays are also slowly fading and damaging your possessions? The paint on your walls, wallpaper and even things left sitting out on your tables and desks can become compromised by constant sun exposure: fading and peeling under the stress of UV damage. Solar control film is another form of Birmingham window film that can protect your home by breaking up and blocking UV rays as they stream through your glass.

Security Film: Afraid of someone breaking your window and using it to gain unwanted access to your home or business? Security film from Solar Control Specialists can help to reinforce and protect your glass so that breaking in and ransacking the place isn’t an option for potential wrongdoers. Much like 3M window film, security film localizes impact damage to a smaller area, which doesn’t allow the window to simply shatter and leave a hole. Vandals will have a harder time taking out your panes with security film in place!

Heat Control Film: If your windows aren’t up to scratch in the efficiency department, there’s always the option of heat control film over replacing them. Heat control film helps to trap and retain heat to the inner areas of your home, instead of allowing it to escape. You’ll save a few bucks on your energy costs each month during the winter and avoid having to buy a whole new set of windows with this essential Birmingham window film.

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