Window Film: The Affordable Solution to Birmingham Heat Control

When summer rolls around, it’s pretty much a sure bet that your home will have the A/C cranked up and the windows drawn shut in order to maintain the coolest, most comfortable temperature possible. Often times, however, having your home sealed shut can create the feeling of being in a cave. After a while, you might find yourself going a little stir crazy with no light coming through the windows and no outside sounds letting you know that there’s a world behind the curtains. In the end, you’re forced to deal with the ultimatum: open the blinds to see the world and let the intensely warming rays of the sun in or keep the sun out and cooler temperatures in, but lose all perception of the outside world.

What if there was a third possibility, however? When it comes to Birmingham heat control, window film can help you maintain that comfortable level set by you’re A/C unit, without forcing you to keep your blinds and shades tightly closed. It’s the perfect medium between shutting yourself in and having to bear with the hot and humid outdoors. Because window film acts as a deterrent to letting warming UV rays in through your windows, but at the same time allows you to easily see right through the panes, you’re able to see the outside world while enjoying a nice, cool breeze from your nearby A/C vent.

Window film is an extremely affordable solution to Birmingham heat control because it’s simple to install and doesn’t involve any comprehensive systems. Basically, for installation, a certified window film professional from Solar Control Specialists will apply the film to your windows so that it’s practically invisible to the naked eye. That’s all it takes! Sun rays that hit this film will immediately be mitigated by the special composition of the tint, rendering them harmless as they pass through to brighten your home. The film deflects the heat that would normally cause your home to be warmed so that it doesn’t create a greenhouse effect.

Window film is also a great value when it comes to Birmingham heat control because it can stand the test of time to function at its peak efficiency year after year. In the end, you’ll save money by choosing window film over cranking the A/C because the film pays for itself after only a few weeks of lower energy costs. And, with the rising costs of energy that homeowners have to face nowadays, there’s nothing wrong with trying something that would potentially lower your monthly utility bills by a noticeable amount.

For the absolute best in professional service and installation for window film, call the experts at Solar Control Specialists. Not only will these seasoned pros pinpoint the proper film for your home, they’ll make sure that it’s installed to the highest standards and priced to meet your budget. Stop being a prisoner during the hot and humid summer months: open your blinds and enjoy the view without baking in the summer sun.

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