How To Determine If Birmingham Solar Screening Is Right For You

Give any homeowner a practical way to save money on their monthly bills and nine out of ten times, you’ll be met with the same response: “sign me up!” It’s true, that in this day and age, when people are pinching pennies at every possible turn, homeowners are doing everything they can to ensure that when the bills come each month, they’re as low as they can possibly go. Some people resort to outlandish tactics in order to cut costs: like not using the light in their home unless absolutely necessary or putting a limit on the time they spend in the shower each day. And while these will certainly lower the cost of utilities each month, they can be interrupting to daily life.

Why not try a simpler method of reducing the cost of utilities each month and see if Birmingham solar screening is right for you? This method of reducing the strain on your air conditioning system is sure to cut costs in that respect, not to mention in the area of home repairs. See if any of these common symptoms apply to your situation and learn about how Birmingham solar screening can keep your bills a bit lower each month:

Frequent Cooling: How often do you hear the AC kick on in your home and when it does kick on, how long does it usually run for? If the answers to these questions are “often” and “for a long time,” then it’s likely that there’s something amiss when it comes to maintaining your home’s temperature. Sometimes, this can be your insulation, however other times, the issue lies at the source of the problem: with your home’s windows. Having them tinted with solar screening will keep harmful UV rays out and reduce the amount of heat that’s able to make its way into your room, easing the overall stress on your AC unit and keeping your home comfortable, for longer.

Sun Damage: When you’re dusting the pictures on your end table or rearranging the items on your mantelpiece, do you ever encounter items that lack the vibrancy that they used to have? Pictures look faded, paint has begun to peel and items feel as though they’ve live a few decades, when they’re really only a few years old? If this is the case, then it’s likely your possessions are seeing extreme sun damage, which is something that’s easily avoided by applying Birmingham solar screening to your home’s windows. Not only will this protect your items, it’ll save you the money of having to replace them or repaint surfaces that have begun to peel.

The Fans Are Blowing: Along with keeping the AC unit working as hard as it can, there’s another tactic that many homeowners use to keep temperatures cool within their homes: fans. In every room of the home, fans are being plugged in and told to oscillate, circulating air in an attempt to keep the air cool and flowing. But, these fans such energy each time they’re plugged in, which gives homeowners all the more incentive to save this energy and instead, rely on the power of Birmingham solar screening to keep things at a manageable level.

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