The Benefits of Birmingham Window Tint

Homes in the Sun Belt are no stranger to the intense heat of the sun’s rays day after day. Often times, the daily toll of sunlight drifting through a home’s windows begins to take its toll, however, causing sun damage, fading and other damaging effects to a homeowner’s personal possessions. The easy remedy to this is just to close the blinds or draw the curtains, however it can become bothersome and dull to have to hide your home away from the outdoors, especially on those beautiful summer days. In effect, many concerned homeowners are left with a dilemma: keep their home dark and dank while protecting their possessions from the sun, or keep the windows unblocked, where sunlight can wreak havoc unabashed.

Thanks to Birmingham window tint, the problem of sun damage is becoming less cut and dry from the standpoint of a solution. Instead of having to shut out the sun in order to protect their belongings, more and more homeowners are actually having their windows tinted with special film that both repels harmful rays and at the same time, allows people to enjoy the vibrancy of a sunny day. In fact, studies have shown that damaging UV rays can be reduced by up to 99%, which means that fading effects and peeling that result from these rays can virtually be eliminated.

As if the prospect of using Birmingham window tint to help safeguard possessions wasn’t exciting enough for homeowners, there are also a number of other benefits that tinting can have in the way of saving money and increasing the comfort factor within homes. For example, using window tint against direct sunlight can actually bring the temperature of a home down, thanks to the reflective properties that the film has to offer. In some cases, it has been proven that home temperatures were reduced by an average of 15 degrees thanks to proper tinting, which in turn alleviates stress and strain on air conditioning units. Because the temperature can be controlled via tinting, air conditioning units don’t have to work as hard to keep up with rising temperatures that can accumulate when the sun consistently beats down on an unprotected dwelling.

Even bothersome glares can be eliminated through the use of Birmingham window tint! Picture this: you’ve decided to forgo the heat and instead, stay put in the house, watching your favorite television show. As you sit in a comfy chair, resting amidst the AC controlled temperature of your home, you’re bothered by a glare on your TV that just won’t seem to go away. In a home without window tint, you’d be back to square one: closing the blinds. If your home has window tint, however, this problem isn’t something you’ll have to worry about, allowing you to watch television in peace, while the blinds are left wide open to reveal the world outside.

With so many benefits surrounding Birmingham window tint, it’s no wonder that concerned homeowners are looking into this option more and more for their homes? Cost effective, barely noticeable in most cases and hugely impactful at reducing the effects of direct sunlight—who would have thought that the solution would be something as simple as a strip of window film?!

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