Birmingham Heat Control

One of the best ways to enjoy your Birmingham summer is to keep your utility bills as low as possible. There are plenty of ways to do this, but of course, each comes with its own set of challenges. Turning off the air conditioning may seem like a good idea, but on a hot day, can lead to nothing but misery. Replacing windows or upgrading your air conditioning unit can save big, but cost a ton and require lots of work. Window film is an affordable option for Birmingham heat control that can help save on money.

Window film is a thin polyester sheet with various tinting agents designed to prevent heat from coming in. The tinting agents come in various styles, from regular tinting, to reflective and even specially designed ones optimized for absorbing sunlight. Each one has distinct advantages, but overall you can expect to use less air conditioning, therefore lowering your utility bills and extending the life of your air conditioning unit, less uncomfortable sun glaring, and reduced fading on wood floors, furnishings, and carpets. Better yet, window film has progressed greatly in technology and appears almost clear—remember we aren’t talking about window tinting typically found on cars.

At a low cost per square foot, an entire house can be fitted with window film for optimal protection from the sun’s rays. Further, window film can last 30 years and requires almost no maintenance. Once it’s on, it’s easy to forget you ever installed them in the first place, except of course when you see drastically reduced utility bills.

Installation is easy too. Look for a reputable company in Birmingham with a track record of reliably putting on window film. Some companies will even have certifications proving their past experience and training. A professional will help guide you through the process, especially when picking which type of window film best suits your needs, and which windows will produce the most significant results. Ask about whether the window film has a warranty, and how the window film affects the existing warranty on your windows. Also, inquire about tax credits you might receive for installing energy efficient products on your home.

Once the window film has been installed, check it over for bubbles or small cracking. A properly installed window film should have no defects or visible signs of wear. Other than close inspection, do not touch them for around 30 days, since the setting process is still going on. After that, the most maintenance necessary is regular window cleaning with a non-abrasive chemical, just as you would if you never had the window film installed in the first place.

When it comes to lowering your utility bills, helping the environment and taking charge of Birmingham heat control, window film is a great way to get started. Its low cost means you can do it right away, and with plenty of professionals out there, finding the right company shouldn’t be a problem at all. Get started right away and enjoy the rest of summer with lower utility bills.

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