Common Questions About Birmingham Window Tint

When it comes time for home or business owners to consider installing Birmingham window tint on their windows, it can be a decision that’s filled with a great many questions. People who are unfamiliar with window tint, its advantages or the application process may wonder about what exactly it is that they’re going to be investing in and how it’s going to work: which is completely understandable. Luckily, a window film installation professional can easily answer most of the questions that people have. Here are a few of the most common questions and their answers, for a quick crash course in Birmingham window tint:

Will it change the color of my windows?

Window film and window tint for homes is often associated with the window tint on cars, which is generally darker or hard to see through. While the idea is generally the same for these two different types of tints, the application is not. Window tint for homes and businesses is virtually undetectable and almost completely transparent, meaning that there won’t be any change to your window’s color or visibility standard. Clear layers are most commonly applied to windows and their color is virtually indistinguishable from the clear windows that they’re being placed on. You won’t see any coloration effects—unless of course you’re looking for a more decorative approach to Birmingham window tint!

Will it peel or flake off?

A common concern among many people investing in window film is peeling or flaking. When applied, window film will not peel or flake at all—it’s strongly adhered to your windows and is protected against damages that will cause flaking or peeling. Window film acts to perfectly preserve its shape and integrity, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about it deforming.

Can I remove it after it’s installed?

Removal of window film is possible, but it should be undertaken by a professional with the tools and knowledge to remove it cleanly and effectively. Once applied, the film is meant to stay on—meaning that you simply won’t be able to peel it away should you decide there’s no reason for it anymore.

What does it do?

Window film has a variety of functions depending on the materials used. Some Birmingham window tint can help to reduce the amount of sun damage in a home, while other types can improve privacy. Security film helps to prevent breakage and can improve your home’s safety, while decorative film can help you to create messages, patterns and other designs. Depending on your need for window film, a variety of different effects and advantages can be achieved.

If you have more questions or would like a more in-depth explanation as to what the purpose and benefits of window film are, don’t hesitate to contact Solar Control Specialists. A contractor and experienced professional will be more than happy to help discuss your need for window film and recommend the right installation for you—not to mention take care of the installation for you!

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