Wintertime Solar Film for Your Birmingham Home

Comfort is one of the most important feelings in the world when it comes to being in your home, especially after a long chaotic day at work. Everyone has their own definition of home comfort. For some, it’s the feeling of safety and security whether you or home or out, others need to have mental wellness while in their personal domain, and some folks cannot get comfortable unless the room temperature is just right. Good news! You can feel safe and secure with a home alarm system, achieve mental wellness through meditation or yoga, and create a comfortable atmosphere by having Birmingham solar window film installed.

Solar film is a strong transparent plastic film that is applied to glass windows to help control the harmful effects of the sun. This film can come in a multitude of colors and can even display a company logo on your business’s windows. Even during the winter months the sun still comes through your windows, unintentionally inviting damaging ultraviolet rays in to slowly fade and damage your possessions, furniture, paint and paper on walls… really, anything the sunlight touches can be damaged.

Since wintertime has less cloud cover, it allows the sun to come further into a room and can cause issues with keeping your home at the right temperature. Solar film for windows in Birmingham will keep the cold out and the sun out and can protect your home and possessions by breaking up and blocking UV rays as they are coming through your windows.

Some of the benefits of having solar film installed in your Birmingham home are:

  • Blocking harmful UV rays.
  • Protecting fabrics, furniture, and other possessions from fading.
  • Creating a barrier for privacy from peeping outside eyes.
  • Stoping sun glare from invading your home so you don’t have to squint to see the TV or computer.
  • Solar film retains heat in the wintertime.
  • Solar window films can cut down on costly utility bills.
  • It’s a long lasting film that also protects your windows.

Especially during the winter months, solar film is a great addition to your home that you can really take advantage of. Because cold air has a tendency to sneak through windows, no matter how many panes thick they may be, the first and foremost benefit of having window film is an added layer of protection against frigid temperatures. You’ll see the difference when you’re sipping a cup of coffee next to your window and you notice that there’s not a cold spot lurking only a few inches away!

And, let’s not forget about the converse: warmth escaping through your windows, driving up your furnace usage. If you’re a fan of keeping your home at a precise temperature—say, a balmy 72 degrees—solar film will assist you by trapping heat in, rather than letting it out.

Are you thinking that solar window film is a good idea for your home? Contact a Birmingham solar control specialist today to get your home ready for winter.

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