Not All Birmingham Window Film is Created Equally

Window film isn’t something that homeowners generally have extensive knowledge on. Those who do understand the value of window film and its applications are usually limited in their knowledge of quality and value and most of the time, it can seem as though any ‘ol Birmingham window film will get the job done. This couldn’t be further from the truth however—just as is the case with most consumer goods, there are different brands and tiers of reliability that define choosing a window film for your home.

The good

Good Birmingham window film, like any home product, is backed by a brand name that has garnered years of positive reviews and feedback from its customers. A brand like 3M window film will have tremendously better reviews and a track record of positive results when homeowners go looking for more information about choosing a film. Conversely, a brand that’s not as well known or reliable will show in its inability to produce proven results.

It’s also important to remember that the film itself is not the only determining factor when it comes to getting the most for your money. Having a specialist that understands the ins and outs of choosing the right film and applying it correctly will serve to supplement the overall performance of the film. Allowing Solar Control Specialists to evaluate your need for window film, make a recommendation about the right film and correctly install it will serve to protect your home far better than trying to do it yourself or hiring a company with no knowledge of its workmanship.

The bad

When it comes right down to it, a bad choice in Birmingham window film can create a mess for any homeowner. Choosing a film that’s offered as a “discount alternative” or even a film that’s manufactured to be seasonally applied can yield unpleasant results, especially when applied incorrectly. Peeling film is a common side effect of lackluster brands and some cut-rate applications can even flake off in pieces during extreme hot or cold temperatures. Generally, these aren’t the types of window film that a professional like Solar Control Specialists would stand behind, but rather one that you’d find for sale online.

Chances are, you’re probably not comfortable when it comes to identifying a good film versus a bad one, so it’s best to consult a professional before you start overlaying your windows. Trying to save money and do it yourself can have its benefits, but when it comes to Birmingham window film, you’re more likely to get duped in the DIY process.

The ugly

A poor quality window film and a lackluster installation together can have some pretty ugly results on your home. Not only will you not get the protection of a brand name film, you could potentially end up damaging your windows. Some cut-rate window films leave residues on windowpanes that can create permanent damage, while others do virtually nothing in the way of protecting your home. It’s important not to fall victim to imitation window films and stick with trusted, proven brands that are installed by a trained professional.

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