Birmingham Window Film Keeps the Cold Out

Are you having trouble keeping your home warm during the winter? Do you struggle to pay skyrocketing energy bills to heat a home that isn’t energy efficient? Consider installing Birmingham window film, a cost-effective option that will insulate your home throughout the year.

Keep your home warm all winter long

A commonly experienced problem during the wintertime, especially in older or cheaply manufactured houses, is the loss of heat through single-pane or poorly insulated windows. In fact, it’s estimated that anywhere between 25 percent and 40 percent of all home heating is lost through windows. This inevitably leads to higher energy costs as a result of heating a home that is unable to retain the heat. Birmingham window film is the perfect solution to this problem, providing cost-effective insulation that is simple and easy to install.

Solar control window films are perfect for any building that wants to continue letting sunlight in while keeping the cold out. Window film keeps intense UV rays out during the cold winter months while still letting sunlight in and reflecting radiant heat back inside the home, rather than letting the heat escape through the windows. This solution effectively keeps your line of sight to the outside world unimpeded, yet adds a benefit that many homes sorely need when it comes to maintaining efficiency in heat retention.

Banish wintertime furniture fading

Many of our customers also experience trouble with wintertime furniture fading. It may come as a surprise that furniture fades during the winter—this is because there is often less cloud cover during this time of year, which allows the sunlight to come further into the room and causes furniture upholstery and painted objects to fade over time. Don’t worry—Birmingham window film can help with this problem, too!

Much of the fading process is caused by ultraviolet light. Installing window film on all of your home’s windows will help block up to 99 percent of UV rays—mitigating the damage that these rays can do to your home. While no process is capable of completely eliminating fading, installing window film can significantly slow the process, extending the life of your furniture and painted objects. In fact, it may slow the process so much that you never notice any fading within your furnishings’ lifespan. In this way, window film will extend the life of not only your precious home objects, it will also keep them in tip-top condition so that your home appears more presentable at all times of the year.

If you’re experiencing problems with losing heat through your windows during the winter or find that your furniture is rapidly fading, consider installing Birmingham window film. Not only will window film lower your energy costs by keeping radiant heat inside the house, but it will also block harmful UV rays to help preserve the integrity of your furniture for years to come! Speak with a contractor at Solar Control Specialists today to discuss your options for installing energy-saving window film.


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