Daylight Savings Time Means it’s Time for Birmingham Window Film

With winter slowly receding into the books, springtime is just around the corner. Unfortunately, before we actually get to enjoy the warmer weather and beginning of the active season, we’ll need to take care of one quick issue regarding our clocks—you guessed it: daylight savings time. And while we spring forward an hour on the face of our clocks, we often forget some of the repercussions that come with an extra hour of daylight.

Most people are stuck on one idea when they’re confronted with daylight savings time: a lost hour of sleep! And while this is definitely true, it also means a longer “daytime” cycle. Why is this important? Because it presents another hour that your home and your windows are subject to intense sunlight and its effects.

Intense light and longer days

With an extra hour of sunlight bearing down on our homes each day, it becomes important to prepare your windows for the coming months ahead—when the sunlight is only going to get more intense. Applying a layer of Birmingham window film is perhaps the best way to ring in daylight savings time, but unlike losing an hour of sleep for just one day, you’ll have added protection against UV rays for months at a time.

Along with a longer daytime cycle, daylight savings time also represents the point in time when the Earth begins its rotation closest to the sun—this means not only warmer days ahead, but longer ones as well. In fact, the peak of summer—also known as the Summer Solstice—represents the longest day of the year and your home will endure more sunlight on this single day than any other day throughout the year!

Protecting your home for the year

With more UV rays and intensified light, it’s paramount that your home is outfitted for protection early in the year. Daylight savings time is a great marker on your calendar to begin thinking about protection for your windows because it gives homeowners time to prepare for the coming days ahead.

If you act now, protect your home correctly and completely with Birmingham window film and learn more about the damaging effects of unmitigated UV rays, you’ll have a better chance at protecting your home against the intense summer sun in the coming months. Acting now, while winter lingers and spring is beginning to develop, allows for optimal protection and peace of mind once spring fully sets in.

The right protection for the job

Depending on what type of home you have, the position of your windows and the exposure you have to unmitigated sunlight, different types of Birmingham window film may benefit you better than others. It’s important to consult with a professional before making a choice in window film because the integrity of your home and your windows themselves can depend on your choice. A professional will also be able to help you with a seamless application, preventing any issues stemming from botched installations or inferior technique.

Do your home a favor and start planning ahead for a window film application—you’ll beat the summer sun and keep your home protected long after daylight savings time has gone into effect.

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