Why Birmingham Home Window Tinting is More Efficient than Brand New Windows

As a homeowner, you’ll be faced with a variety of different home upgrades that you’ll need to invest in over time. Whether it’s a new roof or extensive repairs to your HVAC system, sooner or later your home is going to need a crucial amenity repaired—and when this happens, you’ll likely be looking to get the biggest bang for your buck. After all, major home upgrades and renovations aren’t cheap!

One major upgrade that’s likely to befall homeowners is the need for energy efficiency within a home. This can take many forms—an HVAC upgrade, new insulation or even new windows. And while often times, windows are thought to be one of the best upgrades a home can get, if your goal is energy efficiency, you may have a cheaper option that’s just as effective.

New windows or Birmingham home window tinting?

Birmingham home window tinting often isn’t included in the same conversation as energy efficient windows or window upgrades. Why? Because few people understand the true benefit of window film and often, are put off by its perceived cheapness. In many homeowners’ minds, logically, new windows are far more expensive of an investment and therefore, must be worth the money over other alternatives.

While the old saying is, “you get what you pay for,” it shouldn’t be taken to heart when comparing new windows to window film—after all, it’s apples to oranges! New windows are great for homes that have drafts, insect infestation problems or have windows that are literally falling apart. When it comes to energy efficiency purposes, however, Birmingham home window tinting offers many of the same benefits for a literal fraction of the cost!

Window tint is designed with efficiency in mind. Light is allowed into a home sparingly through tint, while heat and regulated air are kept in by the tinted barrier. With dual action protection on both sides of the tint, you’re giving your windows a twofold attack against energy loss all year round.

What tint can’t fix

Now, Birmingham home window tinting isn’t a magic fix to home energy problems. In fact, if used improperly to solve a problem that it’s not made for, window tint won’t serve to help you at all! Window tint is made for a niche array of issues: sunlight fading, energy loss through single pane windows and uncontrolled heat absorption through unprotected windows.

Window tint won’t fix your draft or increase the value of your home—these are jobs for new windows. Both installations serve a purpose and depending on the situation that your home is in, one may benefit you over the other in the short or long term. It’s important to know your options, rather than just rely on a one-solution-fits-all approach.

If you’re experiencing energy loss that’s affecting your lifestyle or your utility costs, consider the scope of the problem. If it involves your windows almost exclusively, think about Birmingham home window tinting, to help you make the most out of the windows you have and stem the source of your energy efficiency problem.

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