Enhancing Your Home’s Privacy with Hoover Window Film

Privacy is essential in a home—after all, what you do inside of your home is no one’s business but your own! Unfortunately, because you likely live in a populous urban area or a residential area with neighbors on either side, it can be hard to get the privacy you want in your home—especially if you’re the type of person who likes to have your shades drawn open to let in the natural light each day.

Too many homeowners feel as though they need to sacrifice their privacy because the prospect of new privacy windows is expensive, time consuming and all around too much of a hassle to deal with. However, to that end, there’s a highly affordable way to get the privacy you want out of your home, without having to turn to entirely new windows: Hoover window film!

Tinting and frosting

Two of the most stylish ways to add some much needed privacy to your home are tinting and frosting films. These films are simply layered over your existing windows to transform the pane from completely transparent to more opaque. The end result of an application doesn’t hinder your ability to enjoy things like natural light, but it can provide you with a much-needed solution to privacy.

Frosted window film is common on doors and bathroom windows. Doors that feature large panes of glass, like storm doors, are often great for leaving your front door open during nice weather, but can pose a problem because they allow everyone passing by to see directly into your home. Installing frosted Hoover window film makes it nearly impossible for someone passing by to make out the interior of your home, yet still allows you to reap the benefits of an open door during nice weather.

Tinted glass is a more definitive solution to privacy because it makes a statement when applied. For example, if you have a first-floor bedroom window that’s directly in the field of view from your sidewalk, it can leave you unsettled for a variety of reasons. Tinting this pane will prevent anyone from peeping into your window, giving you peace of mind in your own bedroom and making a statement that this is a private room of your home.


Installing a frosted or bubbled pane of glass is a costly process—simply because these panes are priced more expensively than true transparent panes. To have your old windowpane removed, refitted with privacy glass and installed by professionals is a great strain on your household budget that can simply be avoided by exploring alternative privacy methods.

Even something like a privacy fence has its drawbacks—it’s also costly to implement, blocks your field of vision and adds barriers to your home and property. When it comes down to it, getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to in-home privacy comes from Hoover window film. For a low material cost and one-time installation fee, you’ll reap the benefits of complete privacy for years to come with window film.

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