Replacing Your Old Birmingham Window Tint

Like all innovations, window tint has become refined and improved over the years from when it was first used decades ago. From upgrading the properties of the film itself, to engineering film that has better mitigating effects and longer lifespans, the technology to protect your home against harmful UV rays has come a long way.

What does constant innovation mean for you, the homeowner, when it comes to Birmingham window tint? Well, for starters, it means that the old tint that your windows have been covered with for a decade or more may be outdated and in need of replacement. While it may still be doing its job, the benefits of newer film that you’re missing out on could be dollars you’re spending needlessly on utilities each month.

Take a look at a few of the main indicators of inferior film and what you can do to bring your protective film into the future:

  • If your film is peeling or flaking off, it generally means that the film has overrun the course of its life. Window film is not meant to crack, flake or chip off and if this is happening to your film, it’s a sign that it either wasn’t installed properly the first time, or that it’s decades old.
  • If you notice that your film has developed blotches or is clearly visible when looking out your windows, it’s another sign that it was installed improperly. Window film should be virtually undetectable on your panes.
  • If your film was installed more than ten years ago, there’s a good chance that the technology that you’re missing out on in newer films is better at mitigating the effects of UV rays, meaning missed savings if you’re keeping your existing film over a newer option.

Making the switch to better film

Whatever the case may be for your existing Birmingham window tint, it’s important to consider it as an investment to your home. Just like you may remodel your kitchen every ten years, invest in new siding over time and replace your roof when issues begin to develop, maintaining the integrity of your window film is categorized among these necessary maintenance items.

If you let your window film become dated, it’s not going to do the job that it once did, decades after constant use. Far and above this, it’s about keeping up with innovation. When a new product comes out that boasts better capabilities, it makes sense to consider your existing position and juxtapose it with the upgrade—if you can afford it, an upgrade is overdue and the benefits are worth it, making the upgrade is less about spending money and more bout making an investment that pays dividends in the future.

Trusting a Birmingham window tint specialist to inspect your film and make a recommendation about an upgrade or enhancement may be one of the better home improvement decisions you make this year—provided you get that recommendation from someone who’s as dedicated to your home as you are. Consult Solar Control Specialists today for more information about your existing window tint and the available options that could replace it.

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