Keeping Cool with Birmingham Window Tint

People will try anything to keep cool during the summer months—everything from setting up a kiddie pool in the driveway to sticking their heads in the freezer when the weather becomes too unbearable! And, while you might be content just staying inside and cranking up the AC, you may not have to look far for a better solution to escaping the torrid temperatures while hiding out inside your home. Birmingham window tint can keep the sun and heat out of your comfort zone, giving you a refuge from the blazing heat that most Alabama residents know all too well.

Fighting heat with tint

Even with the AC on full blast in your home, you might notice that when you walk by a window, it’s the equivalent to standing next to a volcano. Why? It all has to do with the sun and if your windows aren’t protected, they’re bound to be streaming in sunlight and all of the heat that comes with it.

As long as sunlight is able to penetrate your windows, it’s going to counteract your AC unit’s efforts to keep the temperature down in your home. When you get too close to your windows, where the sunlight has been streaming in all day long, you’ll certainly feel the battle to keep your interior temperature down! But, if you block the sunlight with Birmingham window tint before it has a chance to enter your home, you won’t have to experience the struggle between your AC system and the intense light.

Keeping comfortable at all times

Aside from winning the war against sunlight, Birmingham window tint will also help you to keep temperatures cool and comfortable in your home by insulating your windows. As is the case in many homes, windowpanes are separated by a layer of Argon or a similar noble gas. This prevents heat transference and keeps temperatures on either side of the glass from interacting with each other. Sometimes, however, if windows are old, this protective insulation doesn’t hold up as well as it once did.

Window tint serves to bolster the insulation capabilities of your windows when it comes to heat transference, keeping the hot stuff out and the cool stuff in! There’s a great little test you can do to prove it to yourself: put your hand on a windowpane that’s unprotected by tint and kept in direct sunlight—it’s bound to be hot! Next, put your hand on a tinted window in the same position—it may feel warm, but it’s not going to be nearly as hot as the unprotected window!

A smart investment

When it comes right down to it, Birmingham window tint for your home is a smart investment if you’re tired of trying to beat the heat year after year. Once applied, you’ll be able to enjoy the lasting effects of tint for years to come and you won’t have to worry about maintaining it like you would other methods of heat mitigation. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to sit in your home and reap the benefits of tinted windows, as opposed to pulling out that kiddie pool, filling it up and hoping you have enough sunblock on!

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