Finding an Aesthetically Pleasing Option for Birmingham Solar Screening

Birmingham solar screening has become one of the most popular ways to reduce energy costs in a home or apartment. Basically, solar screening refers to just about any way used to block extreme UV rays from entering a house.

The effects are incredible, by lowering the temperature of the windows themselves, and by blocking UV rays from entering through the glass, you can use far less air conditioning in the summer and keep the interior of a home at a more comfortable temperature without using utilities. The result is less energy consumption, meaning you help the environment and end up with a greatly reduced utility bill, especially in the hottest months when normally your air conditioning unit would be running full blast.

The reason why everyone doesn’t have Birmingham solar screening is because many people assume solar screening is not very attractive—thankfully new options exist to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing solution. But first, lets take a look at some less than desirable options:

Better than awnings

Most forms of solar screening are not very pleasing on the eye. Think of huge awnings hanging over every large window—often times these things are ugly, come in all sorts of weird materials and colors, and can get pretty expensive if you have to get more than one or two.

Besides all of these less than stellar traits, they only protect from the sun at certain angles, so not only have you spent all that money to make your home less attractive, they actually don’t work very well either.

Do it yourself plastic sheets

There are other options out there too. Many stores are now selling “do it yourself” screening kits. They are often comprised of plastic sheeting with a dark tint and come with not so helpful instructions on how to install the plastic sheets. If you have tried these, then you know the headache they can cause. You have to trim each piece, the tint is usually too dark, and they almost never stick on properly. They tend to look so unattractive you would have wished you spent a small fortune on awnings!

Invisible films

Now, if you have nearly given up on Birmingham solar screening because of the poor options out there, you are in luck because invisible films now exist, with none of the unfortunate drawbacks they used to come with. This solar screening is vastly less expensive than other options out there, especially awnings or window shades. This screening also is aesthetically pleasing, it is basically invisible, so don’t worry about some plastic sheeting that is practically black.

Invisible and inexpensive, and guess what, installation is easy and fast with the help of professionals; so don’t worry about the headache of DIY cheap plastic sheeting. All of this and the effects are equal to any other form of solar screening: your utility bills will dramatically decrease, and the product will pay for itself after only a few utility bills.

Consider all the benefits of solar screening this summer, without any of the usual drawbacks, and make your choice to choose invisible, professionally installed film as your source for Birmingham solar screening.

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