Keeping Yourself Cool this Summer with Window Tint in Hoover, AL

People will do just about anything to keep cool during a hot and humid Alabama summer—from sticking their heads into a freezer while they search for a cold snack, to shutting all of the blinds and shades in their homes and cranking the AC down to a cool temp. But, while these ways might give us some relief on the hottest of summer days, they’re not practical long-term solutions that will keep us cool and comfortable.

Overworking your AC unit will drive up your energy costs and takes years off of this crucial amenity; keeping your fridge or freezer open too long will spoil its contents; and shutting your blinds and shades to the outside world can have you feeling like you’re living in a cave. The best way to combat these ineffective cooling options is simpler than you might think, however—invest in window tint in Hoover, AL!

Tinting keeps you cool

Thinking about window tint as a way to keep your home cool might seem like the wrong train of thought for many people—how could tint possibly keep you cooler? The answer is simple—tint has insulation properties that keep your AC unit’s hardworking efforts inside your home, rather than letting controlled temperatures escape through the panes of your windows.

Consider this: the heat from the sun is carried to us via invisible waves that penetrate our windows with ease. By installing window tint in Hoover, Al, those rays of heat will be reflected, thus keeping anything on the inside of them cooler by default. Couple this idea with your home’s AC system and you’ve got in-home temperatures that stay cooler, longer, without as much strain being put on your cooling system.

A far cheaper alternative

When it comes to improving efficiency and temperature retention capabilities of your home, you’re really faced with a limited number of options that come with varying degrees of cost. Window tint in Hoover, AL is your best option when it comes to getting the biggest benefits for the lowest cost—the price you pay per sheet of window film is almost equally offset by the cost savings that you’ll experience on your cooling costs.

What’s more, as mentioned above, window film can actually mitigate other costs associated with keeping heat levels low in your home. Not having to worry about a cooling unit that’s working overtime to keep you comfortable or the cost for new windows hanging over your head will give you more peace of mind when choosing a window tint installation.

Quick installation, immediate relief

By now, you’re probably beginning to understand the many benefits that home window tint in Hoover, AL has to offer you—but, before you start weighing the pros and cons of having it installed in your home, don’t forget about one last major positive: installation is fast and the effects are immediate! A contractor can inspect your home, recommend a tint solution and have that solution in place in as short as an afternoon, giving you optimal comfort from the get-go.

If you’re considering window tint for your home, make sure you’re talking to a professional contractor who can put it in place for you the right way. Call Solar Control Specialists today for a consultation to learn more about how you can keep yourself cool this summer, for cheaper!

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