Employing Birmingham Solar Screening for Your Home’s Sunroom

Sunrooms are a beautiful addition to any home and those homeowners that are already reaping the benefits of one will be the first to tell you that a sunroom is the perfect space for a number of uses. Whether you’re the type of person who loves to read a good book in the light of the sun or you’re frequently playing host to friends and family that enjoy basking in the warmth of a sunroom, these rooms are boundless in their uses.

But, there is one big drawback that can make a sunroom uncomfortable at times: the sun! While this might seem counterintuitive to what a sunroom is purposed for, too much sun can make having a sunroom unbearable—especially on the hottest southern day.

How do you combat the sun in a room that’s designed to let it in? The answer is Birmingham solar screening—an application that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits that a sunroom has to offer, while mitigating the intensities that can make it hard to handle.

The greenhouse effect

The chief problem that plagues a sunroom when the sun is hanging high is the accumulation of warmth that can quickly occur. Sunrooms, because they’re primarily comprised of windows, do a great job of trapping heat and light, but when it comes time to maintain temperatures that are comfortable, it can be tremendously hard to cool them down.

Some homeowners waste countless extra dollars each year on AC costs to keep their sunrooms cool and bearable, however this isn’t good for your air conditioning system or your bills. Applying a layer of Birmingham solar screening to mitigate heat buildup is the absolute best way to take back control of the temperatures in your sunroom.

Abolishing glare

Glare is another intimidating factor that can make a sunroom more uncomfortable than relaxing. Again, because windows are plentiful in sunrooms, glare becomes a problem when light is intensified and bounced off of reflective surfaces in the room.

Rather than remove all reflective items from a sunroom or wearing sunglasses while you’re indoors, Birmingham solar screening is a highly effective way to mitigate the problems that glare can cause.

Preventing fading

Like any homeowner who wants to get the most out of your home’s amenities, your sunroom isn’t going to be barren—it’ll be filled with furniture, décor and other elements that make it feel more like a part of your home. The constant stream of sunlight, however, might prematurely fade these items, dulling the luster of your home. Birmingham solar screening, again, mitigates the intensity of sunlight, preserving your materials and protecting them against fading and other sun damage.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your sunroom, solar screening is one of the cheapest, most effective treatments you can give it. From preventing glare to preserving materials, to keeping temperatures comfortable, no homeowner should have a sunroom that’s not protected by solar screening!

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