Window Film in Hoover, AL is a Great Décor Option

Can you imagine a world in which every pane of glass was completely transparent—void of any tinting, decals, decorations or graphics? You might not realize it, but that would be a very plain world indeed—there’s an abundance of window treatments out there that are purely cosmetic. In fact, at Solar Control Specialists, we’ve been privy to quite a few window jobs that are more about the aesthetic than they are about function.

Having trouble remembering where you’ve seen decorative window film in Hoover, AL before? Take a look at just a few of the more popular applications that utilize window film for cosmetic purposes:

  • Storefront glass: Whether it’s seasonal snowflakes that look like they’re a part of the window itself or permanent treatments that blur a section of glass to make the shop look more appealing, there are numerous brick and mortar storefronts that utilize window film in Hoover, AL to make themselves stand out against the surrounding competition.
  • Office interiors: Have you ever walked past that office in the corner, reserved for higher ups? If you have, then you’ve likely seen the tint or frosting applied to the glass, to make the interior private to passersby. Frosted or tinted glass in an office building is a great way to make the office itself seem more open, without actually reducing the privacy that may be needed for some offices or areas.
  • Restaurants: When you walk through the doors of a fancy restaurant, do you notice intricate patterns on the glass doors or monogrammed items that seem as though they’re a part of the glass itself? These decorative window examples are a way to project class and sophistication, giving people a better impression of the food they’re about to eat because they associate glass designs with an upscale atmosphere.
  • Communal areas: Convention centers, trade shows and other expos often have large communal spaces that are separated only by glass or other partitions. However, at these events, glass can become dirty quickly, lowering the appeal of its implementation, which is why decorative window film treatments are often used to color the glass, add a logo or project a name.
  • Creating a marker: Opposite from the example above, have you ever seen glass that was so clean it was nearly invisible? This is more of a problem than you might think, especially for animals and young children! Animals that can’t distinguish glass properly run or fly into it, making decorative window dressings a “safety net” for them, along with children who aren’t quite focused enough to realize that there’s a barrier.

While traditional window film in Hoover, AL has been praised for its sunlight-mitigating properties, it’s important to realize that amongst all of the functional value that it boasts, there’s also a large amount of aesthetic value as well. Outfitting your glass with decorative window film is a great way to improve that glass, wherever it may be!

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