Considering Birmingham Solar Film Before the Weather Shifts

Now is the time of year when proactive homeowners start to think about how to prepare their homes for the upcoming winter months. Being able to take care of weatherproofing and winterizing before the threat of winter is directly upon you is a great way to ensure peace of mind throughout the end of the year and into the beginning of next year, effectively allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits that come with a prepared home—lower energy costs, higher comfort levels in your home and fewer surprises that might end up costing you large sums of money in the long run.

One such thing to think about is prepping your home for retaining heat. While it’s always a good idea to check on your furnace and its functionality before you have to rely on it on a daily basis, truly concerned homeowners will go one step further and begin to consider the other aspects of their home that might contribute to heat loss, as well as heat retention. One such element is undoubtedly your windows.

Prepping your windows for winter

The age-old practice of prepping your windows for winter by wrapping them in plastic may seem silly, and that’s because it is. While this method of insulation actually does work to some degree, you sacrifice a number of home elements for marginal results. Really, plastic wrapping your windows means putting a Band-Aid on the problem: you’re not really addressing the heat loss or heat retention capabilities of your windows, you’re just slowing down the heat loss and slightly improving the retention.

A more effective method of protecting your home—specifically your windows—is to invest in Birmingham solar film. This film does more than plastic wrap can accomplish and doesn’t come at a cost to your home’s aesthetic. It also addresses something plastic cannot: convective heat transference.

Birmingham solar film performs admirably on two fronts: it ensures that heat stays trapped in your home by creating a convection barrier, while also ensuring that cold temperatures stay out by way of this same barrier.

A year round solution

Because of its extreme effectiveness when it comes to mitigating temperature loss, Birmingham solar film provides homeowners with more of a sustainable solution than they bargained for! Not only will this film keep you warmer during the winter, reducing the strain on your furnace to keep up with your living demands, it also extends its benefits year round, to benefit you in the summertime, along with your AC system.

Finally, there’s no maintenance required to reap the benefits of Birmingham solar film and you’re likely to not even realize it’s there once in place. Whereas plastic wrap can come unhinged during high winds or on particularly cold days, solar film remains in place, invisible in its benefit. There’s no prep time before the season starts or takedown time when the seasons change—just peace of mind all year round that your home is achieving new levels of sustainable temperature maintenance!

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