Benefits of Hotel Window Tint in Birmingham, AL

Hotel managers and owners are always looking for ways to set their hotels apart from the competition. Whether it is advertising great new showerheads, or renovating the outdoor pool, there are always ways to get a few more customers through those doors.

The smartest upgrades a hotel manager or owner can make are those that not only bring more customers in the door, but also benefit the business operation in some other capacity. Before making any upgrades to your hotel meant to increase business, consider for a moment whether that upgrade also decreases operating costs or truly will provide you with something worth marketing to your customers. In many cases, simple upgrades have trouble accomplishing these three tasks.

You may be surprised to know, however, that one upgrade that does exactly that also will not cost a lot of money—hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL should be your next hotel upgrade.

Operating costs: Hotel managers and owners know that one major source of operating cost is paying for utilities. In recent years, many hotels have switched to low flow showers, sinks, and toilets in an effort to reduce water consumption. This both helps the environment and reduces the amount paid for water. In a similar effort, some hotels have upgraded heat and air conditioning systems to run more efficiently, or limited their capacity to decrease usage. Once again, this can help the environment and reduce utility bills. Unfortunately, especially with low flow showers, this can leave some guests dissatisfied.

One of the great things about hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL is that no guest will leave complaints over having tinted windows, while the benefits are enormous. This will definitely lower your heating and cooling costs, without having to overhaul your entire HVAC system. If lower operating costs are on your priority list this year, you should consider window tinting.

Privacy: Indeed, rather than leaving complaints over window tinting, most guests actually find it a positive asset for a hotel to have. Tinting offers much more privacy than regular windows. Especially for lower level rooms or those facing other buildings, guests can often feel uncomfortable knowing anyone can see into their room, especially at night. Hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL allows guests to see out, while no one else sees in, providing your guests with peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. For lower operating costs and to increase your guests’ comfort, start thinking about window tinting.

Environment: As already mentioned, window tinting will lower your utility bills, and therefore your overall operating costs will decrease. This is a result of using less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures in each room, and like most hotels, you have many rooms that need to stay at comfortable temperatures all year round. Well, by lowering your energy usage, you also are making a great impact on the environment. Studies have also shown that guests respond positively to knowing the hotel they have chosen cares about the environment.

In other words, once you’ve added window tinting in Birmingham, AL to your hotel, let your guests know—they’ll likely thank you for it!

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