Frequently Asked Question About Birmingham Solar Film

Because Birmingham solar film isn’t something that many people are familiar with, it’s only natural for customers and prospective buyers to have a myriad of questions when it comes to how it works, what installation entails and how to care for it! Take a look at some of the most common questions we get about Birmingham solar film and the answers to these questions:

How is window film applied to my windows?

Window film is applied by cleaning the window, overlaying the film strip and curing it to the window with a special epoxy. This sounds simple, but is actually a very precise process that requires an expert professional’s attention, otherwise the film could cure with bubbles or uneven areas that may trap sunlight, rather than protect against it.

How do I clean window film once it’s applied?

When the curative process is complete, windows that are protected by window film can be cleaned exactly how they normally would be: with store-bought window cleaning products, ammonia-based cleaners and other glass cleaning items. You won’t have to worry about the film peeling once it has been cured!

Will window film add stress to my glass or cause it to break?

Some myths about window films say that adding a solar film will cause the glass to become compromised due to high heats and concentrated UV rays. This is not true and in fact, your windows will not be compromised in the slightest by a window film application!

How long does a Birmingham solar film application last?

Depending on the type of film used and the location of the window, solar films can last a number of years. Some films can even last upwards of a decade, allowing you to fully recoup the cost of your investment over time, via the saved costs of heating your home.

Does window film lose its resilience over the years?

Window films are designed to remain strong after even a decade of use and you’re not likely to see any decrease in their abilities over time. Your film should function as well after ten years as it did on day one!

What’s the difference between solar film, security film and tinting film?

All three of these films are installed and function in the same way, yet come with specialized benefits that make them different from one another. Solar film is geared towards eliminating UV rays and mitigating the amount of sun damage that’s caused via intense sunlight. Security film is praised for its strength and durability, helping glass to retain its shape and strength even when it’s damaged. Tinting film is privacy-oriented and can be used to prevent views inside of a home.

If you have questions about Birmingham solar film or want to earn more about how this investment can work for you and your home, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert professionals today! We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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