The Top Five Benefits of Home Window Tint in Hoover, AL

Ask any homeowner how they plan to improve their homes this year and not a single one of them is likely to answer your question with anything regarding home window tint in Hoover, AL. But, the fact of the matter is that home window tinting is absolutely one of the best ways to improve your home and your quality of life, without spending an arm and a leg on complicated home improvement projects or costly home upgrades. Take a look at five of the best reasons home window tinting is one of the best investments you can make this year:

  1. Home efficiency: Far and above one of the best reasons to tint your home’s windows this year is to improve your home’s overall HVAC efficiency. With less sunlight making it through into your home, the more control you’ll have over temperatures, which means the more rest your HVAC system is going to enjoy. Without UV rays driving up temperatures in your home, you won’t have to worry about excess wear and tear on your AC unit, thus you’ll spend less money on repairs and maintenance!
  2. Protection from UV rays: Have you noticed that the sun seems to have a degrading effect on everything in front of your windows, to the point where your wallpaper is peeling, your furniture looks aged and your pictures all seem to lose their luster? Sunlight has that effect on virtually anything, fading it into obscurity over time. Luckily, tinting protects everything in your home from the damaging rays of the sun, preserving it in all of its glory!
  3. Cheaper than new windows: Because of its insulation properties, window tint is an extremely cost effective alternative to buying new windows. For homes that are experiencing inefficiency or have windows that simply aren’t suited to keep you comfortable, tinting can add an extra layer of protection that keeps your home safe in the intermediary, when you’re saving up for costly new windows.
  4. Adding resilience: Throw a rock at a residential window and see what happens: chances are you’ll have a very angry homeowner demanding you replace the broken window! Home window tint in Hoover, AL adds a protective barrier to your windows, so that they don’t shatter as easily and if they do experience damage, that damage is contained within the seal of the tint, ensuring safety while the damage is tended to.
  5. Tinting for privacy: Privacy tinting is a darker cast of window treatment that many people opt for in particular areas of their home, such as bathrooms or studies. This darker tinting adds a whole new level of privacy to your windows, without obscuring your ability to look out into the world. You’ll be able to see out, but no one else will be able to see in!

If you need more reasons as to why home window tint in Hoover, AL is one of the best investments you can make for your home and your quality of life, be sure to speak with one of our expert techs today!

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