Birmingham Solar Screening is the Key to Year-Round Comfort

While sunlight is typically a concern during those hot summer months, it can also be an issue year round if your home is not protected properly from it. Whether it’s the middle of the day in July or the middle of the day in January, the sun can be what’s making our eyes hurt and our bills skyrocket. Although there are temporary changes that can be made, like adding shades, blinds or other protective window coverings to your windows, it’s usually not quite enough. Birmingham solar screening is ultimately the way to go.

How are solar screens the better investment to make when it comes to improving the interior comfort of your home? Here we describe what solar screens do and why they are the wise choice to make when looking for a year round solution:

What are solar screens?

Solar screens, typically known as solar shades, are window treatments that cover the entire surface of your window and they absorb as well as reflect the suns light—as opposed to regular shades or blinds that still allow the sun’s rays to enter the home. These shades are normally made from a special mesh or polymer and are incredible at conserving energy.

Benefits of solar screens

One of the major and more important advantages to installing solar shades is their energy efficiency no matter what time of year it is. Birmingham solar screening prevents the hot sun from beating into your home during the hot summer months to keep your living space cool, and it retains the heat in the winter in order to keep your home at a consistent comfortable temperature year round without having to use your heating or cooling systems too much. Not only does this make your home more comfortable to live in, it will reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Another great advantage is that solar screening offers more privacy during the daytime, preventing people from being able to peer into your home through the windows, while still allowing you to see out.

Are you a design perfectionist? For all of you interior design enthusiasts, solar shades are able to be custom designed and made in order to fit your exact specifications, ensuring you don’t lose the desired aesthetic of your home. No matter the size or shape, solar screens can be built to fit any type of window and can come in a range of colors and patterns.

Yet another of the benefits of installing solar shades into your home is the UV absorption, which means your furniture and carpets are less likely to fade over time. These products also reduce the glare of sunlight in your home if you live in a sunny spot.

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to worry about battling the extreme winter or summer conditions. Investing in Birmingham solar screening is an investment that will continue to work in your favor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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