Understanding the Mysteries of Shatter Resistant Film in Hoover, AL

Shatter resistant film in Hoover, AL provides commercial businesses and homeowners with many benefits. When a window pane or other glass breaks it can be very difficult to clean up. Broken glass has a tendency to end up everywhere in the vicinity of the original break, leaving behind large pieces of sharp glass and nearly invisible small shards. Obviously this poses an immediate hazard to the person cleaning up the pieces, but can also result in injuries for weeks to come since it can be nearly impossible to fully rid the area of tiny pieces of glass.

Whether at home or in the workplace, shatter resistant film is a great preventative measure for safety. Are you a little curious about how shatter resistant film works? Read ahead to understand the mysteries of shatter resistant film in Hoover, AL.

How it works

Making normal glass shatter resistant is much simpler than you might think. Although shatter resistant film does not provide the full strength of, say, a windshield, which is actually two pieces of glass with a thin plastic layer separating them, it still adds much more shatter resistance to any piece of glass. This is actually a good thing, since it means that glass does not need to be replaced in order to add protection. Doing so would cost a whole lot of money. Instead, added protection can be applied inexpensively and quickly without ever replacing the glass itself. How does this work, you might ask?

The process is pretty simple. The film itself is pretty easy to manufacture and essentially consists of numerous layers of a plastic film material adhered together. High strength tear-resistant plastic material is used, and by micro-laying them together, it adds even more durability. Typically the material has an adhesive applied to it as well, except on occasions when this is added during application. Once manufactured, the film can be rolled and easily purchased for a very affordable price.

How it’s installed

While some homeowners choose to install shatter resistant film by themselves, it’s typically recommended that a professional take care of the job. By using a professional, you can ensure that every piece of film is correctly sized for the specific piece of glass. In the process, less waste is produced, since cutting improperly sized pieces of the material means having to start over. It also guarantees proper application, which allows the film to work the way it’s supposed to.

Once the film is applied, the window is given added durability. The reason for this is pretty simple. For starters, the tightly adhered sheet of plastic holds the glass together in case of a break. While the glass still breaks, it will not end up all over the place, which means the risk of injury is substantially reduced. Another important feature is that whatever force broke the glass actually is distributed across the entire glass instead of into one section. Although this might not seem all that important, it actually eliminates the problem of flying glass, which again helps prevent injury. By using shatter resistant film in Hoover, AL, you can inexpensively add strength to any piece of glass, ensuring that if a break does occur, the glass is held securely in place.

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