Five Reasons You Should be Investing in Hotel Window Tint in Birmingham, AL Ahead of the Summer Weather

There’s an unspoken tradition all across the United States that as soon as the weather hits a certain point, vacation season officially begins. With temperatures slowly beginning to climb and sunnier days beginning to peak through the horizon, it’s time to make sure, if you’re a hotel owner, that you’re ready for the influx of business that travelling season brings with it!

And while you might be intent on sprucing up your hotel rooms or ramping up your marketing, one thing you should be looking into is having your rooms protected by hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL. What makes window tint a worthwhile investment and why should this be factored into the budget ahead of the summer season? Take a look at five reasons:

  1. Hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL is going to make your guests more comfortable at all hours of the day. Rather than having to close the shades or blinds because the sun is blaring into the room, window tint allows people to keep the window unobstructed so they can enjoy the view without having to worry about the sun’s blinding rays!
  2. Also a major benefit in guest comfort are going to be the heat mitigating effects that window tint can have: protecting your guests from rapidly rising temperatures that a blazing Alabama afternoon can bring with it. With UV protection that also keeps heat levels in check, your guests will be able to enjoy their time spent in your hotel without sweating themselves out in your rooms.
  3. In conjunction with keeping heat levels in check, hotel window tint in Birmingham, AL is also going to help you reign in your utility costs each month. Instead of forcing guests to pump in AC all day, every day while they stay with you, you’ll be able to stop the temperature from rising so high or so quickly, effectively controlling AC cooling costs right from the get-go. This means more money in your pocket!
  4. Window tint is a gift that keeps on giving because its benefits are maintained for years and years to come. Rather than having to factor window tint into your annual upkeep budget, you can factor in this costs as a one-and-done expense that will continue to lend value to your hotel for the foreseeable future. How’s that for an investment?
  5. Depending on the type of tint you invest in, you can actually protect your guest’s privacy when they stay with you. Tint can block out the straying eyes of outside people walking by or those people in other buildings across the way, allowing peace of mind for anyone staying in your rooms.

The list of reasons to invest in hotel window tint goes on, but it’s hard to ignore the value of the five listed above. With the summer season approaching and a soon-to-be full guestbook on your hands, now is the time to act if you’re serious about making an investment in your hotel that will surely pay for itself.

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