Six Ways Commercial Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL Can Benefit Your Office

Commercial window tinting in Birmingham, AL already offers benefits to manufacturing, retail, medical and dental offices located throughout the area. However, the same benefits apply to the typical office-oriented business as well. Just because you do not have patients requiring privacy doesn’t mean window tinting is not for you. Here are six benefits this service offers the typical office environment:

  • Computer use: Employees in office environments are heavily dependent on computers. That means a lot of screen time, which can get irritating when blinds must be constantly adjusted to sun glare. By adding window tinting, you reduce this glare and time is spent working rather than making constant adjustments. If you combine window tinting with a glare filter on the computer screen, you will practically eliminate this issue and your employees will thank you.
  • Improved eye contact: First impressions make a big impact in many industries, especially if your office specializes in professions like law or accounting. The less-than-ideal sun placement can make eye contact difficult and you may appear to be squinting at a potential client. This can be particularly troublesome when your receptionist faces a window and ends up greeting clients with the sun in her face. By tinting the windows, you reduce this occurrence and make interaction a little easier on the eyes.
  • Reduced utility bills: Sun filtering into your office can make some rooms hotter, and that places an additional strain on your utility bills. Direct sunlight can even heat up office equipment, so if your computer or copy machine sustains sun, they can also heat up, and the extra fan usage increases electricity expenses. By tinting your windows, sun placement and temperatures become more stable. That is easier on both people and equipment.
  • Privacy: Medical and dental offices often tint windows to protect privacy. Even if you are not in these professions, clients can still value that. If you are an attorney practicing family law, for example, your clients may not want to be sobbing in your office for the whole town to see. Also, your workers may enjoy not feeling like they are in a fish bowl and will appreciate the darkened windows for their privacy, too.
  • Better use of light: With screens and lighting already in place, excess sunlight may seem glaring. If you need extra light for drafting work, controlling sunlight prevents shadows and other distractions that can detract from your progress. Some industries, like fashion or art dealing, require accurate representation of color which is supported by installed lighting systems. Tinting keeps the sun from distorting that.
  • Less dependence on blinds: Natural light has been proven to add productivity as most people do not get nearly enough of it. However, there is a constant battle between allowing this light in and keeping blinds shut. Tinting establishes a happy medium that maintains privacy and reduces glare while still letting in enough natural light for a benefit.

Solar Control Specialists believes any enterprise can benefit from commercial window tinting in Birmingham, AL. Call us if you have more questions or to arrange for an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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