Why You Want Home Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL

We all seem to have a love-hate relationship with the sun. On one hand, natural light helps us all feel better and we enjoy having it filter through our homes. However, heat, glare and high utility costs can make this natural appearance more of a burden. Window tinting in Birmingham, AL helps control the bad attributes of the sun while maintaining its advantages in homes. Here are five reasons you may wish to consider window tinting for your residence:

  • You own books: Direct sunlight can wreak havoc on book collections. Even modern hardback books will fade if the sun concentrates on part of the shelf too long during certain times of the day. Antique books will get the worst of this, and too much sun will make it difficult to maintain their condition. If you cannot move the books or the shelf, window tinting will reduce these deteriorating effects on your collection.
  • You wish to preserve antiques: You may notice how the back of a couch or chair fades when it is exposed to sunlight consistently. The same can happen to your antiques. Wood pieces with original finish are more vulnerable to sunlight, and chairs with their original upholstery can not only fade, but also sustain wear as the older fibers crumble under the heat and intense light. If you have a home full of windows, meaning sunlight is unavoidable, window tinting can help preserve priceless keepsakes no matter where you keep them.
  • Privacy matters to you: It is unlikely that anyone can see you in your bathroom, but we understand if you just don’t wish to take that chance. You may also want more privacy in your bedroom, or want have it darkened slightly so your morning wake-up call is less jarring. Tinting the windows in bedrooms and bathrooms offers another layer between you and the world when you just want more of a buffer zone. The same is true for any other parts of your home, such as an office, that you don’t really wish to have on display.
  • Air conditioning costs concern you: Besides controlling light, window tinting also controls temperature. Rooms overheated by sunlight can put a strain on HVAC systems, causing more energy use and increased utility bills. You can keep temperatures more constant and thermostats less active by adding window tinting.
  • Glare is annoying: Our technological world is full of screens. Computers, tablets, smart phones and flat-screen TVs get used everyday, and sun glare on these screens makes them harder to see. Rather than play with different blind adjustments just because you wish to watch a movie or read a book on your Kindle, tint the windows so the glare doesn’t happen in the first place. You can let in natural light but also enjoy your electronics better.

Solar Control Specialists can install window tinting in Birmingham, AL in your home so you can enjoy these benefits. Call us today if you have questions or if you would like to discuss getting an estimate for our work.

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