The Downfall of Using Blinds and Shades to Protect Your Home from Sunlight

Windows are a big deal in your home or apartment—they let you see outside without having to open the door and let in the sunlight to brighten up a room. That is unless you’ve got bulky window coverings making visibility difficult. But, you want your home to be comfortable from the outdoor elements and safe from unwanted peeks, which is why you have blinds up in the first place.

Blinds and shades are often times marketed as a simple fix to your home’s direct sunlight issue. They are relatively easy to install, can be found at most home stores and are generally cost effective. Simply put: they do the job they’ve been given, which is to block the bright sun from blaring through your windows—but you’ll likely be left in the dark.

While shutting shades and blinds keeps harmful UV rays from damaging your eyes and furniture, it will (unfortunately) also completely block out light. This means the room will be deprived of necessary light and plunged into a dreary darkness that can lead to a change in your mood. Basically, this means that blinds and shades aren’t really as effective as they might appear outright.

There are other potential problems with home shades and blinds as well. They have a knack for obstructing your view to the outside world: something many people enjoy being able to do by way of their windows. And, over time, the constant manual opening and closing can take a toll on such window coverings all around your home—not just from the pulling motion, but also from the sun beating on the material day after day as well. Even energetic children and playful pets unintentionally contribute to the eventual demise of free flowing window treatments!

Don’t want to be a mushroom? Consider installing solar screening on your Birmingham, AL home windows! With solar screening, you can rest assured your home is protected from sunlight and more, without leaving you encased in a shroud of darkness. A few more benefits of choosing solar screening over blinds and shades include:

  • It’s a window film, which means it lays flush with the surface of your windows, giving you an unimpeded aesthetic at all times.
  • It protects the inside of your home (furniture, photos, other property) from fade inducing, damaging sunlight, while still allowing a healthy amount of sun in.
  • A solar tint for your windows can help protect your eyes by preventing dangerous eyestrain from glare and brightness of the sun.
  • It keeps out the excessive heat from unhealthy infrared rays.
  • Solar screening is not bulky like manually drawn shades, blinds and other similar coverings.
  • A security, break resistant window film exists! This can save you from expensive property damage and potentially dangerous situations.

If you are curious to learn more about solar screening, contact the experts at Solar Control Specialists today!

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