What is Sunlight Doing to Your Furniture?

No matter what season it is, there will always be some degree of sunlight streaming through your windows. But, while sunlight can brighten up a room or patio, it can also cause damage to your indoor or outdoor furniture. Sun damage to furniture is not a usual consideration to many, but, if you want your furniture to last, it’s important to protect it from the sun—a solar window film in your Birmingham, AL home can do the trick.

That expensive leather recliner, grandma’s cheery wood coffee table and your cat’s favorite fabric sofa seat can all fall victim to sun damage. So, what happens to furniture and upholstery as it sits in the sun’s rays day after day, year after year? Take a look:


Leather is a strong material. It can hold up to daily use, pets and children, all the while settling into its next phase of live with the typical light cracks and fading sustained by most leather items. What you don’t want happening is premature and excessive color fading or stiffening and splitting cracks caused by the leather’s natural oils evaporating, dying out—often due to constant contact with the hot sunlight over time. You are basically slow roasting the leather!

To save your leather furniture, start by placing away from untreated windows and out of direct sunlight.


Similar to leather, indoor furniture made of fabric sitting in sunny rooms or near windows are open to color fading—the number one side-effect from sun exposure on fabric, particularly in higher-end fabrics like silk and linen. It’s good to note that darker color fabrics will fade quicker than lighter colors, so select your fabrics accordingly.

Outdoor fabrics on furniture and upholstery are even more likely to feel the sun’s damaging touch. When shopping for outdoor furniture, check to see if fade resistant fabric is available, especially if you plan to leave it in a sunny spot in the yard. When not in use, protect your outdoor fabrics from the elements by using weatherproofed covers.


In a matter of speaking, your wood furniture is like your skin, as in it can acquire tan marks. Direct ultraviolet sunrays can cause certain types of wood to become bleached while others will darken. If you leave items for a time on the surface of a wood table positioned in the sunlight, then eventually move the items, that part of the wood will be darker, while the rest looks faded.

Outdoor wood furniture can end up taking destructive hits from sun rays, not only fading, but splitting and rotting as well. Treat with a protective stain and cover furniture when not in use.

To combat the damages of direct or indirect sunrays to indoor furniture and upholstery, look into solar window film in Birmingham, AL to mitigate harmful UV rays. Investing in a window treatment like a solar window film is a wise decision and beneficial investment for homeowners and those who own expensive furniture.

Contact your local window treatment service company today to learn more about the benefits of solar window film.

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