Consider Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL for Your Law Office

There are many local businesses that may not think they need to consider window tinting in Birmingham, AL. After all, they do not have items that react to sunlight or workers who perform constant manual labor in need of better temperature control. But your typical office environment can definitely benefit, and that includes high-producing law offices with clients visiting all day. If you never considered window tinting for your law office, here are four reasons why you may find this feature beneficial:

  • Enhance privacy: The work of lawyers rarely deals with happy events. Your clients and potential clients likely don’t want the whole town knowing that they are filing for divorce, pursuing bankruptcy or facing criminal charges. Even if their visit relates to a good development, like starting a new business, having a current employer know about this new life direction can risk what is, for now, a needed job. Add darker glass to your lobby and consultation room windows and allow people additional privacy.
  • Add security: Personal injury attorneys handle medical records. Criminal defense and DUI specialists are frequently paid in cash. Even the business attorney with days of supposedly “boring” work still handles a lot of personal information. This is valuable to identity thieves, and petty criminals frequently target businesses that handle cash. For those times when a file is left on a receptionist’s desk when the office closes, or your newest associate forgets to visit the bank or use the office safe, adding tinting at least makes these vulnerabilities less noticeable.
  • Reduce eyestrain: The first two benefits may not apply to you if your office is not on a ground floor. But that does not make window tinting irrelevant! If your paralegal is constantly taking breaks due to headaches, or your receptionist complains of fatigue, it is likely not their imaginations. With law research being online and electronic filing becoming the norm, that is a lot of computer work for your support team. Add the glare of sunlight to this formula and your staff likely suffers from constant eyestrain. You can help their comfort and productivity by controlling the glare with window film.
  • Preserve interior design: Hiring a lawyer is a nervous process for most people, and first impressions really count in this industry. Business attorneys want a clean, sharp appearance, and family law practitioners look for a calm, soothing atmosphere. Faded or cracked furniture that gave way to UV rays will counter these intentions. Your competition is likely not far away, and people looking to put their faith in you need all the reassurance they can get. Start preserving your good first impression by keeping sunlight off your interior design.

Solar Control Specialists would love to meet the needs of your office environment when it comes to window tinting in Birmingham, AL. We have clearer options for upper floors that will block rays without doing the same for the view, or darker films if you rent a ground floor location and need extra security. Call us today to review your options.

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