How Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL Can Meet the Unique Needs of Hotels

Hotels are one of the bigger clients for firms that sell window tinting in Birmingham, AL. While many of the benefits apply to them as with any other home or business, hotels also have unique needs that make solar film not only nice but virtually essential. Here are four reasons why hospitality is a high-demand industry for window treating:

  • Utility cost control: Every guest in a hotel will have different preferences as to temperature. There are people who almost never turn on a heater in winter while others turn it up to 80 degrees. The same is true in the summer with cooling; some individuals just like to keep a room cooler than usual. This means that hotels have very little control over their utility costs. By tinting windows, it offers better temperature control so people may not feel inclined to extremes when heating or cooling their rooms. The film will control heat through sunlight in the summer and offer insulation in the winter.
  • Interior considerations: Hotels need to keep interiors fresh in order to continue attracting guests. Sunlight causes fading to curtains, furniture and even carpet, which can produce a poor initial impression. Replacing items as they fade also costs hotels money. By adding window tinting, it reduces this effect and keeps the décor looking fresh for a longer time. All of this can be done without cancelling out the good benefits of natural light in a hotel room.
  • Uniform exterior: Customers will not get a chance to judge the interior unless the exterior attracts them first. Since there are enough “seedy” or questionable hotels out there, the buildings are often judged by their appearance. Even if the reaction is only subconscious, a fragmented look can turn people away. Some guests prefer curtains open, some like them closed and people even move furniture around, all of which creates a busy exterior that can be bypassed for a hotel with cleaner lines. Window tinting creates a uniform appearance that is not affected by customer preferences. This cleaner look is more likely to appeal to potential customers as they compare hotels on your street.
  • Privacy: Hotels have multiple windows and some have floor-to-ceiling windows. No one likes to feel like they are on display, and these windows can create this rather reasonable perception. Adding tint means customers feel less exposed; they can see out, but no one can see in. They can hang out by the windows and enjoy the view while still keeping their own space. Without window tinting, the only way to guarantee privacy is to close blinds and drapes, which creates a dark, unwelcoming room many would rather avoid.

Solar Control Specialists offers window tinting in Birmingham, AL for homes, businesses and hotels. We have more than three decades of experience installing quality window tinting products, so we will install films correctly the first time and you will know that the products we sell and install are trustworthy. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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