Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL Protects Your Furniture

Of all the reasons to invest in window tinting in Birmingham, AL, protecting your furniture is one of the best. By simply having your home’s window’s tinted against the harsh rays of the sun, you can keep your furniture looking and feeling great for years longer than they might otherwise have lasted with direct sun exposure! In this way, window tinting is going to save you money (on the cost of new furniture) and keep your quality of life high for as long as you own your furniture.

Now, you might be looking at your furniture now and thinking that it doesn’t look damaged at all. But, the fact of the matter is that sun damage doesn’t always show itself until it’s too late. When your leather starts to flake or your fabric upholstery starts to look washed out and dull, only then will you realize what’s been going on all this time when you could have prevented it!

UV damage is actually occurring at a molecular level, unseen to the human eye. UV light waves are too far condensed on the electromagnetic spectrum for our eyes to process, which means we can’t see them streaming into our home to cause damage where they land. When they do touch down on furniture, however, they’re destroying molecular bonds to create all sorts of problems with your upholstery. Take a look at exactly what you can expect to see in terms of UV damages on unprotected furniture:

  • Leather: Leather is going to dry out, fade in color and eventually, if the damage is severe enough, it’ll start to crack and flake off. Considering how much you probably paid for real leather or quality vinyl, these are probably issues you’d like to avoid!
  • Fabric: Fabric will also dry out and become “dusty” over time, serving to contribute to airborne allergens that might be in your home’s airways. It’ll also fade over time and become brittle, which can mean rips and tears are easy to form.
  • Synthetic materials: Depending on the composition of the synthetic materials of your furniture, any number of things can occur over time with enough UV exposure. Discoloration, shrinking, dehydration and even warping are all common issues!

By adding window tinting in Birmingham, AL to your home, you’ll be able to stop UV rays in their tracks, before they ever have a chance to touch down on your furniture. The result is going to be sunlight streaming into your home, without the damaging UV component that will wreck havoc on your furniture.

When you consider the cost of upholstery repairs or buying new furniture altogether, window tinting in Birmingham, AL becomes an obvious investment. And remember, it might only take a few years for sunlight to do harm to your furniture, which means making the decision to tint sooner rather than later can add years back onto your furniture.

Talk to a professional at Solar Control Specialists today if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of tinting your home’s windows against harmful UV rays.

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