Beyond Summer: Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL for All Seasons

Glass tinting is often associated with summer and controlling blinding glare. However, it actually has several uses that are not dependent on season. No matter the time of year, you can likely find a function for glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, whether it is for sun and light control or decorative purposes. Here are five of these applications that can work for both residential and commercial environments:

  • Security: Your storefront may be in a shaded area and never catch the high sun. However, that does not mean that it is less vulnerable to the prying eyes of the criminal mind. Your business could maintain an inventory of expensive items for sale, handle cash on a regular basis or accept delivery of valuable art pieces, and you do not necessarily want to draw attention to these transactions. Adding tinted windows maintains discretion that could make your premises more secure.
  • Privacy: Security is a big concern for businesses, and at home, you may desire privacy. If you live in a neighborhood where homes are very close together or your abode is a ground-level condo, adding glass tinting will give you that extra barrier from the world.
  • Decoration: You may have an eye-catching logo or want your storefront to stand out from a long line of plain windows. We can design the tint or film to create designs that make your windows more attractive and unique. People are frequently drawn to that “something different,” and with the right amount of solar film and tinting, you can provide that for your store or business. You and your customers will enjoy the livelier design.
  • Graffiti control: Glass tinting is often meant to keep things out, whether that is the sun or the observations of the criminally inclined. There are also window treatments that can stand up to graffiti. If you are facing that problem and get tired of the cleanup or insurance claims, ask about how glass films give you a shield against graffiti. This option works against paint, acid etchants and abrasives, so your business does not need to serve as the canvas of an errant street artist.
  • Safety: Along with keeping away graffiti, we have films available that protect your windows from being broken. If after break-ins and other mischief, you are sick of replacing your windows, ask about our film that will help keep windows intact. Your store will remain safe and you never have to worry about yourself, your employees or household members being struck by flying glass.

If you are looking for these properties plus sun protection, we can offer film and tinting that gives you all of the above. These products are easily customized, and all you need to do is let us know about your concerns. We can help create something that is decorative but that also protects your business from crime, vandalism and the effects of the hot sun all at once.

For residential and commercial glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, contact Solar Control Specialists today. We look forward to talking with you about your ideas and seeing what we can do to enhance your business.

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