Learn More About the Shading Coefficient and How it Affects Your Home

Is replacing or updating your home’s windows on your spring or summer to-do list? If so, becoming familiar with glass tinting options in Birmingham, AL, is a must.

This post details an important element to be aware of when considering glass tinting options for your windows. To schedule service or for more questions, the professional team at Solar Control Specialists is just a phone call away at 205-823-4347!

What Is a shading coefficient?

The shading coefficient is an indicator that’s used to determine how well a window performs when it comes to stopping UV rays from increasing the heat of an interior through convective heating—i.e. how good your windows are at keeping the sun from heating your home. In other words, it is equal to the percentage of light that will pass through the window. It can vary depending on the color of the glass and how reflective it is.

Shading coefficient is measured incrementally from 1.00 to 0.00, wherein a lower value is preferable because it represents a lower level of heat gain from convective UV heating. This number will also yield information about the ability of the glass in question to prevent the loss of controlled interior air via convective transference.

How does it affect a home?

When it comes to your home, the shading coefficient is important to consider because this is often used as a benchmark when it comes to selecting one panel of glass or one style of window over another. This is especially relevant in high-temperature areas because a lower shading coefficient is necessary to lower the solar heat gain through your home’s glass.

When less light passes through the glass, you’ll reduce the risk of dangerous eyestrain from glare and brightness, as well as of excessive heat from infrared rays.

What else should I know?

Lowering the solar heat gain your home experiences is useful because this can allow for monthly utility savings, decrease furniture and carpet fading, provide more privacy or make your home warmer or cooler. In turn, having tinted windows with a lower shading coefficient can help increase the value of your home.

If you’d like to make a change to your home’s windows but find replacement costs are too high for your budget, tinting might be the right option for you. You’ll receive protection from the sun and notice a reduced glare inside your home, making your home an enjoyable place to be all year round.

Our experts at Solar Control Specialists can tint your windows to your specifications, whether it’s just a slight adjustment or a more detailed, privacy protecting deep tint job. We also offer break-resistant film and anti-graffiti film, which can help protect your window glass from the worst elements.

We are proud to offer quality service at reasonable rates. If you need glass tinting services in Birmingham, AL, look no further than Solar Control Specialists!

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