Learn More About Your Building’s Heating Coefficient

We may take it for granted that the buildings we spend much of our time in stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, it’s helpful to know why this temperature regulation takes place if you are a building owner examining options for windows, specifically options for commercial tinting in Birmingham, AL.

Your building’s ability to retain warm air in the winter and insulate from warm air in the summer is called a heating coefficient. The heating coefficient is the measure of the amount of heat transferred to or from the circulating gas or liquid. This measure largely relates to your building’s windows and how they respond to air because the rest of the building is typically insulated heavily (with insulation installed in the walls).

If you’re looking at window options for your building, it’s essential to keep in mind the need to protect windows from the convective heat transfer described above. A low heating coefficient (as opposed to a high heating coefficient) is desirable because this reduces the amount of heat transferred. For example, a 4.9 coefficient is better than a 5.0 coefficient.

How do I reduce the amount of heat transferred?

Tinted window film will help reduce your building’s heating coefficient, not just in winter or summer but all year round. Window film that is tinted will help ensure that temperatures within your building remain controlled, while also alleviating strain on your building’s HVAC system. As a result, you’ll save energy, and your utility bills will be lower. In addition, your building will have a lower environmental footprint, as tinted film does not waste energy and is considered environmentally friendly.

Having your windows treated with commercial window film will shield your building’s workers from harmful rays, reduce the annoying glare and lower the risk of eyestrain. In turn, the workday will be much more pleasant and productive for you and your employees.

If you determine that commercial tinting services are the right choice for your building, the dedicated and experienced professionals at Solar Control Specialists in Birmingham, AL, are eager to help with your needs. In addition to commercial tinting services, we also offer residential and decorative window tinting.

Choosing home window tinting will help keep UV rays from fading the color from your furniture and other possessions while also giving you privacy and peace of mind that no unwanted eyes are glaring through into your home when the sun sets.

Decorative window film can be a creative and unique addition to your home or business. Our expert staff can design a variety of logos and patterns to suit your individual needs. Give decorative window tinting a try and see how it livens up your windows in a new way!

Whether your window tinting needs are commercial, residential or decorative, our team at Solar Control Specialists can tint your windows to your specifications. Call us today at 205-823-4347 for more information on which type of window film will best serve you.

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