Banish Workplace Eyestrain with Quality Commercial Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL

From blinding glare to radiating heat, the sun is not only an issue outside, but inside as well. Commercial building windows are typically large, which opens up the indoor space to intruding, irritating sunlight—don’t let your staff needlessly suffer day after day. Hire professionals to hook you up with commercial window film installation in Birmingham, AL to banish eyestrain from the workplace. Need convincing? Consider the following positive outcomes of tinting your business windows:

  • Goodbye screen glare: Computer monitors, cell phone screens, television screens, tablets—these days, just about every workplace in America has electronics with screens. Aside from the artificial blue light they give off, the sun coming in through windows causes screen glare that leads to squinting to see, which makes doing work difficult. With a light window film, the natural light can still come in, but the glare is gone or substantially reduced.
  • Stops bright light from reflecting into eyes: Even the smallest amounts of sun glare and heat can bounce off objects, like office furniture, walls, shiny floors, glass framed photos and an exterior glass door opening and closing. Window film installation in Birmingham, AL is a fantastic upgrade when your office needs solar blocking power to stop bright sunlight from reflecting into everyone’s eyes.
  • No more headaches: A happy and healthy employee is a productive employee, but work performance can be disrupted on a daily basis by office window sun glare. In other words, ignore the fact that there’s an office-wide eyestrain epidemic and watch productivity decline. Physical pain, like headaches from straining the eyes, is bound to happen when eyes don’t get a break from sunbathed computer screens.
  • Zero out manual shades: A huge upside to installing window tint is convenience. Since the sun’s position in the sky is ever changing, manual sunshades require someone to get up every so often to pull them up or down partway to block out sun glare, and even then, not everyone gets shaded from the blinding sun because people are different heights, and individual desks are in varying positions around the office. Get rid of manual shades and then install film over the entire surface of workspace windows to end eyestrain issues.
  • Improve panoramic store windows: Many grocery stores and retail shops station their cash wraps near front doors and windows, which face outward. The resulting sun glare is bothersome, causing cashiers and customers to struggle to read labels or see keypads and barcodes. Between the sun pouring in, not being allowed to wear sunglasses while working and inconvenient or ineffective window treatments—like manual pull-down blinds or no coverage at all—eyestrain is not an unlikely outcome. A more permanent anti-glare solution is installing film over your business’s window glass.

Whether you’re in an office setting or interacting with customers at a retail store, distraction-free concentration in the workplace is imperative for you and your employees to do good work. Now is the time to get rid of menacing eyestrain by investing in window film installation in Birmingham, AL—give the team at Solar Control Specialists a call today to learn more!

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