Six Summertime Benefits of Investing in Residential Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL

The summer months are notorious for bringing substantial amounts of heat and bright sunlight. But while the fantastic weather brought to you by sunny days calls for fun water activities, it’s at the same time bringing the heat inside through your home’s windows. If you’re experiencing such things as higher energy bills, hot indoor temperatures or annoying glare from the sun, you should consider bolstering your window glass with high quality tinting.

To create a home that’s cool and comfortable, and to ensure a protected space for your possessions all summer long, let’s take a look at six summertime benefits of investing in residential glass tinting in Birmingham, AL:

  • Stave off outdoor heat: Keeping the summer heat outside is key to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without having to crank on the air conditioner 24/7. Good thing solar window film is also a heat blocking material, not just a sunlight deterrent.
  • Look cool while staying cool: Let’s get real for a second—those giant, ancient drapes that block out every ounce of sunlight can be cumbersome, and plastic adjustable blinds that are always twisting up are not attractive. To add aesthetics that will open up a space, ditch the add-on window treatments and replace with a lovely glass tint.
  • Enjoy the view on hot days: Going outside on super hot days is less than ideal. But if you’ve chosen to go with glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, that means those big ugly drapes are gone, and you can now enjoy the view of a summer day without having to go outside in the heat.
  • Blocks out harmful UV rays: Yes, exposure to harmful UV rays indoors is possible. With you, your family and pets in mind, consider an added layer of protection from the sun on your windows to prevent burned skin and sensitive or strained eyes.
  • Lets you use your furniture: We’ve all experienced the not so pleasant feel of plopping down onto a car seat on a hot summer day—in shorts—before checking its temperature. Ouch! The same principle of the combination of heat and objects applies to the inside of your home. Keep direct sunlight off furniture, like your leather couch and glass tabletop, so you can use them without feeling the burn.
  • Saves your belongings from fading: Books, paintings, photos, furniture, throw pillows, rugs, art and antiques—it’s safe to guess that you want to be able to use and enjoy these and other belongings for years to come. Avoid having to replace your possessions because of fading caused by the sun with the help of a high quality, sun-blocking window tint. This is not to say that one bout of summer sun will completely fade your possessions, but it can certainly happen over time.

Lower cooling bills, less heat coming in, better protection for your belongings and an update to your home’s look—why imagine what having home glass tinting in Birmingham, AL would be like when you can actually have it? Contact the team at Solar Control Specialists today to learn more about the products and services offered by our window tint specialists.

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