Three Reasons to Choose a Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL That Matches Your Decor

Are you looking for some new design or décor options for your home or office? Maybe you’ve determined that new furniture or carpeting isn’t really the right option for you, but you’re not sure how to add a bit of a refreshed feel to your space. Considering window film installations might be the solution for you. They not only add a special touch to your windows or glass, they bring a little something extra to your overall space.

Read more about what this type of design change can bring to your décor, and if you decide that window film installation in Birmingham, AL, is the right choice for you, contact our expert team of professionals at Solar Control Specialists to set up an appointment.

Window film installation complements your overall décor

Window film can be applied to create a custom look for you and your space. You can choose from film that will diffuse light and add to the overall ambiance of your environment. Or, if you’re looking to add a pop of color, a film option in a bold shade or opaque effect might be up your alley.

Not only does window film allow you to create a customized look, you can also select from a combination of different effects to give you just the right look you’re going for to complement your existing room or building.

This approach adds a design flair to windows

Just as couch pillows, office chairs and bedspreads can feature a large array of patterns, window film installation makes use of the same techniques. The difference is that we tend to neglect our windows when considering décor options for our space, so customized window film is often overlooked.

With film installations featuring a variety of graphic patterns, including dots and pinstripes, gradients that allow you to block out the light, textures that simulate the look of a traditional textured glass window and more, don’t underestimate the creative design element that window film can bring to your space.

Not only does window film bring this design flair to your space, the look can be achieved at a fraction of the price of other techniques for your windows, such as etched glass.

Window film application adds privacy

Does your building or residence tend to attract people interested in looking in the windows? Or, do you want to feel that your space provides an element of seclusion and security?

Window film is a great option for adding privacy in a tasteful way. You can choose from an assortment of frosts, gradients and tints that still allow your space to feel and look bright while providing the privacy that you seek.

The options for window film installation in Birmingham, AL, are endless. Whether you’re not convinced and want to see some samples in person to help you decide or you’re ready to get started with this exciting design option today, the team at Solar Control Specialists can help create a new or refreshed look for your space!

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