The Added Benefits of Sunroom Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL

The sun comes out year round, which makes having a private sunroom all the more beneficial. After all, your sunroom is there for you to enjoy the outdoor elements—no matter if the sun is shining or the rain pouring—from the comforts of an enclosed space with windows. Speaking of windows, want to upgrade without having to replace them? Well, one way to enhance your sunroom experience is to install a window tint. If you’re interested, read on to learn more about the added benefits of sunroom glass tinting in Birmingham, AL:

  • Reduces intense sunlight and glare: Your sunroom is likely made mostly of large glass windows, which invite the sun in all day. While you do want a sunny sunroom, some times of the day produce intense heat that easily penetrates glass—for example, a particular side of your house may heat up every afternoon. Sun glare is another issue for sunrooms because glare can make activities like reading, using a laptop or watching TV difficult. But add a tint to problem windows and watch as the once-intense sunlight and glare decreases.
  • Adds privacy: A sunroom may be a room add-on, but it’s still a private area where you tend to spend time with family, host parties with friends and relax by yourself. When you choose to tint your sunroom window glass, you will be able to see out just fine, but it’ll be too dark to see in. In other words, it will provide a decent level of privacy to shield those inside from prying eyes on the outside.
  • Increase home security: Since a quality glass tint is almost impossible to see through without pasting your face up against it, it makes for an excellent security method against thieves—they likely won’t break in if they can’t see the valuables in your sunroom. Also, ask your tint installer about their available security window film options that can guard against dangerous shattered and jagged broken pieces of glass.
  • Save on home energy bills: As great as large glass windows look, they can do a number on your heating and cooling system. Without window glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, your sunroom can transform into a sauna in the summer—because glass absorbs the sun’s heat into the room—and an icebox during the winter—because glass sucks heat out. Either season, your HVAC ends up overworking in order to keep a comfortable indoor temperature; therefore, you’ll likely notice a rise in your monthly energy bills. But a window tint will reflect the heat back out, while still retaining heat when temperatures are cooler.
  • Reduces fading: More than any other room in your home, the furniture and other items in your sunroom are susceptible to fading from the sun. But a good window tint can reduce or eliminate the effects of sun damage, including color fade to rugs, wall hangings, art, furniture upholstery and wood surfaces.

It’s never too late to take advantage of the benefits of sunroom glass tinting in Birmingham, AL. When you’re ready to enhance your sunroom windows, give the helpful team at Solar Control Specialists a call to learn more about your options.

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