Five Commonly Overlooked Areas of Your Home That Could Benefit from Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL

Did you know that the sun produces harmful ultraviolet rays year-round? It’s not just a summer thing. The fact is, over time, UV light can damage everything from your skin to your furniture. So, for this reason and many more, here’s a list of five commonly overlooked areas of your home where you should consider employing window film installation in Birmingham, AL:

  • Ceiling skylights: Way up above your head is the ceiling, and above the ceiling is the roof. So you have little to worry about in terms of the weather coming through this winter, right? This is true, unless you’ve installed skylights in your home or business. But because the point of a skylight is to let in natural sunlight, the need to apply a film depends on where your skylights are located. If you have one in a heavily used room, then looking into a light film can prove beneficial in blocking out overly bright sunlight.
  • Bathrooms: If you have a bathroom window that faces the hot, sunny side of your home, you can bet that UV light will get in. And no matter how small your window is or whether there’s a screen on it, people on the outside might be able to see in while you’re taking care of your private business. Consider residential window tint or film not only for bathroom privacy, but to protect bathroom fixtures from fading caused by sunlight.
  • Sunroom: Your sunroom addition is likely one of the most popular rooms in your home, and one of the last areas you’d think to screen for possible window film installation in Birmingham, AL. But just as you desire privacy in your home, you don’t want people being able to have a clear view of whatever it is you are doing in your sunroom. Also, this space is essentially one big glass window, so you should make tinting it a priority to avoid excessive sun exposure, as well as to stop heat loss during the winter and prevent discomfort from heat in the summertime.
  • Garage: Take a look in your garage. Does the main automated door have small windows? What about the side door, or the garage walls? The garage is a common area of your home that’s often overlooked when it comes to window film. When you tint your garage windows, you are making it difficult for criminals to look in to see what you have, which can make them think twice before breaking in.
  • Workshops and sheds: Home workshops and sheds are likely to have a lot of windows to allow sunlight in to help you see better. The problem is, you will experience horrible sun glare at certain times of the day, which can impede project completion. Should you decide to install a film on your workshop windows, try matching it to the film already on your home windows for a better aesthetic flow throughout your property.

If you are interested in more information about residential window film installation in Birmingham, AL, don’t hesitate to place a call to the expert team at Solar Control Specialists.

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