How Can Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL Bolster Your Security?

Protecting your business is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s protection from vandals and break-ins or elements of nature, you want to make sure you and your employees have the security they need to feel safe on a daily basis. Investing in window film installation in Birmingham, AL for your business can go a long way in giving you the added protection you are looking for.

Protection against natural disasters

When it comes to natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, window film installation in Birmingham, AL can work to protect you from the hazards of broken glass. This window film is an attractive alternative to what could be a dangerous situation. When your windows are shattered because of strong winds from a storm, rattling from an earthquake or flying debris, you can rest assured that window film will keep your windows intact and prevent shards of glass from being propelled at your guests and employees.

Window film installation in Birmingham, AL involves putting a protective film on your windows that, in the event of a broken window, the glass will not shatter and collapse into your workspace. Instead, the glass holds together, ensuring no one gets hurt and making the least amount of mess possible. This can also work in the event of an explosion, should your business become the site of a bomb threat or other explosive crime. This is just another way you can protect your business and the people that work there.

Protection against vandals

Because window film installation in Birmingham, AL holds together during impact, thieves are unable to perform smash and grab robberies. Leaving your windows unprotected can leave you open to these types of crimes and make you vulnerable to an attack. By installing a window film, you will be able to protect your business from unauthorized entry through windows and glass doors. The security film acts as a barrier to entry by not allowing the windows to break out, stopping thieves dead in their tracks. This will give your business much-needed protection against crimes.

You can also decide to have a vandalism protection barrier added to your window film installation in Birmingham, AL. This won’t allow paints, acid etchants and abrasives to be applied to your windows, eliminating the potential for your business to become a target of these types of vandalism. Not only is it costly to have the effects of vandalism removed from your business, but unsightly evidence of vandalism can also damage your business’ reputation. Installing a window film can protect your business against these vandals and ensure you have a positive exterior image to portray to your customers.

Adding window film installation in Birmingham, AL to your business can give you the security you are looking for, protecting you against thieves and the forces of nature. To have window films installed on your glass windows and doors, contact Solar Control Specialists. We specialize in a variety of window film treatments for residential, commercial, security and decorative purposes. Contact us today to learn more!

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