Why Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL is Beneficial During the Winter

Tinting your home or business windows is a great way to save money on energy costs because it can retain the warmth produced by your heater within a room. Come winter, you’ll want to be warm and, if possible, pay less for that added comfort. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why glass tinting in Birmingham, AL is beneficial during the winter:

  • Reduce heat loss: There are many reasons why your warm indoor air may not be sticking around for long. Maybe there’s a door or window cracked, or you have an inefficient heating system. Another reason could be that your window glass is inviting the cold outdoor air to come in, either due to a low quality installation or because it’s just weakened and old. With glass tints and films applied over your home or business windows, the heater will run less because the heat can now stay put.
  • Maintain indoor comfort: Along the same lines as reducing heat loss, it’s important that your home maintain a comfortable indoor temperature this winter. You can reach this goal by drawing closed all window drapes, which will help the heater warm up a room faster. Your rooms will get double the window coverage when both drapes and glass film are in place and working together. Also, a film prevents annoying window glare so you can watch TV or look at your computer screen without having to squint your eyes.
  • Protect against fading: A quality residential or commercial glass tinting in Birmingham, AL can reduce the chances of your belongings being damaged by fading. When sunlight is free to beam through windows and onto your possessions—including wood furniture, upholstery, paintings, books and photographs—color and surface fading occurs. Yes, the sun is out during the winter months. Maybe not as much as during the warmer season, but it’s around, and it can do quite a bit of damage if you aren’t careful.
  • Energy savings: With the right glass tint, you can save money on your heating costs this winter. Whether you heat your house using a heating system or a fireplace, a tint is able to retain the warm air that’s produced, and this lets a room stay warm for a time. And since your tint acts like a kind of insulator that keeps a space all warm and toasty longer, you won’t have to use your heater as much. Thus, you’ll save on your monthly heating bills.
  • Holiday security: Late fall and early winter is the holiday season. There are presents under the Christmas tree, followed by happy gift recipients displaying their opened presents around the house. Unfortunately, criminals may be lurking around neighborhoods and looking into windows to see if you’ve got something they want to steal. Window tinting can stop unwanted eyes from peeping in, and a security window film can keep your window intact if someone tries to break the glass. Whether it’s the holiday season or not, you should always be able to feel safe and secure in your own home.

Before the winter weather sets in, contact the folks at Solar Control Specialists for the best residential and commercial glass tinting in Birmingham, AL.

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