Is It Time for Replacement Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL?

Solar film is wonderful, but it does not last forever. At some point, you will need to consider replacement window film installation in Birmingham, AL. The frequency of replacement depends on your environment and the reasons for installing the film, as those will affect how quickly your film wears out. Here is how to know if you need new window film:

  • Material: All window film types contain a polyester base and additional treatments based on its purpose. Whether you choose it for security, light control or decoration, each type has different dyes, pigments and UV inhibitors. In many cases, the fewer substances applied to the base material, the less you have protecting the film, which often leads to its inevitable replacement. However, since many treatments protect the film as well as the interior of your home or business, films with higher UV protection and shatterproof properties will often last longer.
  • Location: If you install window film on a shaded property in case the sun attempts to cook you for one hour a day, that film will last longer than the one applied to a building that receives full sun during most hours of the day. Eventually, tint and UV protection wears out due to use. The sun that assaults your indoor temperature and easily-faded furniture will also eventually wear out your film.
  • Catastrophic events: It goes without saying that if your security film gets hit with an attempted burglary, you will need to replace the window and the film. The same is true if a windstorm throws debris into your window or a car crashes into your storefront. Life happens, and sometimes it demands an insurance claim, window replacement and new solar film. Shatterproof security film keeps the pieces of a broken window from littering the premises, but you will still need to purchase a new window.
  • Climate: Light, heat and storms will determine the lifespan of your window film. If we have a winter or summer with temperature extremes, your film will receive more of a beating than if we only experience relatively consistent temperatures. In extreme environments, window film frequently wears out only after a few years. When it is installed in an even climate that is consistent all year, you are looking at keeping it up to 15 years if you take care of it.
  • Permanent vs. temporary: If you choose a temporary film for decorative purposes, do not assume it will last forever. Since it is made to be removed easily, you will find it peeling if you keep it past its useful life. Permanent films normally do not peel unless extreme conditions occur. It is meant to last for the long term. Just as the material of the film matters, so does the intention of it being permanent or temporary.

If you seek repairs or new window film installation in Birmingham, AL, call Solar Control Specialists today. We are here to help you determine the best type of window film for your needs and expectations.

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