Options for Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL

Many customers order window tint without realizing all of their options. There are different types of window film installation in Birmingham, AL that depend on what you wish to accomplish from the process. You may wish to make your business a more difficult mark for burglars, control light glare or even just enjoy better curb appeal. Here are the types of window film you may wish to consider for your home or business:

  • Light and heat control: Window film that controls glare and maintains indoor temperatures works by blocking 80 to 90 percent of UV rays. Customers enjoy it because it keeps glare off computer screens, TVs and even mobile devices, which makes them easier to use. Businesses benefit from it the same way—especially considering employees who are too hot or cold are often not as productive. This window film maintains cool or warm air inside, and even reduces drafts. You will also avoid sunlight concentrating on your furniture and causing it to fade.
  • Security film: This film maintains the darkening properties for light and heat control and adds shatter resistance. It prevents burglars from breaking the glass to empty your store or home. If your commercial property or residence is near where children play, this type of film is also useful for protecting against the occasional errant soccer ball or baseball. Even if the glass is broken, the film will keep it in place so it is easy to repair and your property remains inaccessible.
  • Privacy film: Medical offices, beauty salons and even law firms like to offer clients extra privacy. This film is frosted or treated with a reflective surface in addition to adding window tint. With additional treatment, it can even work well at night and serve a security function. Customers who own homes on busy streets also request this type of film.
  • Decorative film: Sometimes, you do not require security, privacy or temperature control. Your building may be in a safe area or already have shatterproof glass. Some homes and businesses are shaded and temperature control is not a priority either. Trees and shrubs may offer the needed privacy. So why would these customers desire window film? It can also act as decoration. Using a combination of frosted, stained or etched designs, you can use film to enhance curb appeal and add a unique look to your home or business property. Besides windows, this film is also popular for glass cabinets, interior glass, showers and doors. You can also choose removable or permanent designs.
  • Anti-graffiti film: Graffiti is unsightly and difficult to remove. You can spend hours addressing graffiti when you would rather be taking care of your business. It is also unlikely that the offenders will be discovered and prosecuted. One way to fight this scourge is to install anti-graffiti film. It will discourage street artists from using your building as a canvas and reduce the time and effort you must spend on graffiti removal.

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