Six Ideal Applications for Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL

Window tinting in Birmingham, AL is usually associated with heat and sun control. This is not inaccurate, but it limits the possibilities solar film offers your storefront, office or home. Even buildings located in a shady area can benefit from window tinting. Here are six applications that draw us to our customers’ businesses and homes as much as the desire to control UV rays:

  • Staying safe: Large windows frequently act as an invitation for unscrupulous souls seeking a crime victim. Even if your home or storefront never catches the high sun, window tinting conceals any valuables inside so potential thieves lack temptation. Most of the criminally inclined do not hit anything unless they know for certain there is something of value worth stealing. Obscure your electronics, art pieces and jewelry with window film and increase your security.
  • Enhancing privacy: Many neighborhoods feature homes oriented close together, or you may live in a ground-level condo with busy foot traffic. You likely do not want to leave the blinds closed all the time, as letting in sunlight brightens your home. Window film offers privacy so you feel less “on display” for the world. It is nice to know that you can open curtains and blinds without feeling exposed.
  • Decorative uses: Window film can also be attractive! If your business has a logo, apply it to your windows with solar film so your storefront stands out from a line of plain windows. Decorative film includes tint and shapes to make windows stand out. New customers are more likely to visit you if you show your willingness to do something different. It makes your storefront appear fresh and lively.
  • Stop graffiti: Window film treatments are often graffiti-resistant. If you are tired of cleanup or insurance claims, ask your film installer about your options. These designs work against paint, abrasives and acid etchants, so your windows will no longer be the canvas for random street artists. At worst, you may have to hire us to remove the film and replace it, which takes less time, effort and expense than a drawn-out cleanup process.
  • Protect windows: Film acts as a shield in another way: it can keep windows intact if anyone tries to break them. This works great if you already have an alarm system that alerts authorities when there is an impact to the windows. Since the windows will not shatter, that thwarts the crime. Also, you never worry about yourself, your employees or household members being injured by shattered glass.
  • Any combination of the above: Window film is truly adaptable. If you still want sun protection along with privacy, we have a film for you. Decorative film can also provide privacy and protect against graffiti and impacts. Our experts can create whatever you need from window film. Few customers have only one use for window film, so we customize most orders.

Solar Control Specialists offers window tinting in Birmingham, AL for homes and businesses throughout the area. Call us today to arrange for an estimate and start the installation process.

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