Solar Film Installation in Birmingham, AL Is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Solar film is sometimes sold in do-it-yourself kits, but that does not make it an ideal home project for the weekend. You likely do not want to attempt this yourself with large commercial windows, since mistakes reflect poorly on your business, and trying it at home is not much better. Solar film installation in Birmingham, AL is a project for professionals. You will discover the labor costs are worth it. Here are five reasons to resist making this a do-it-yourself effort:

  • Better quality products: Local installers have connections with vendors and manufacturers to provide the best tinting products on the market. We also receive notification of new products and developments that can make your window film even better. Do-it-yourself kits are cost-effective, but never high quality. You will likely need to complete the task again every year. If you hire out for the job, your film will last years and perform to your high expectations.
  • Skill and knowledge: We study solar film and learn new installation techniques with every new product release. You will know your installation is completed right the first time. Installing solar film from a kit is difficult, and poor application results in bubbling or peeling off. It will give your home a sloppy look, and the only solution is to buy a new kit and start again. This can be time consuming and still not work right.
  • Warranties and guarantees: When you hire us, there are several warranties and guarantees available. This includes product warranties if your chosen product fails your standards. It also includes installation guarantees because, if anything goes wrong and you find an error, we will make it right at no expense to you. These assurances do not exist when you do it yourself, and the number of kits you must buy will eventually make your efforts less cost-effective.
  • Precise decorative skill: Unless you have an artistic background, applying film for decorative purposes is never easy. Many customers seek that aesthetic since decorative film adds more to interiors and exteriors. It is difficult to have the time for the precision required in these efforts, and you likely do not have the right tools to make it work to your expectations. Hiring us assures that the finished product looks right and your decorative ideas are beautiful, rather than an eyesore.
  • Saves time: We can install solar film while you are at work or school. Smaller jobs may be completed while you are out running errands. If your life is hectic, delegating this task to us is likely your best decision. Applying solar film requires careful work, and that is difficult if you do not have the time—especially if it takes multiple attempts to get it right. We can complete this work correctly the first time around, and also do it quicker!

If you desire solar film installation in Birmingham, AL, call Solar Control Specialists today. We offer installation for homes, businesses and the hospitality industry and look forward to your inquiry!

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