The Benefits That Hotel Owners Can Enjoy with Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL

Running a hotel can be a difficult and expensive undertaking, and finding ways to save money without sacrificing quality is not always easy. There is a solution, however, that might seem unrelated, but actually has the potential to save you thousands of dollars annually. Here are just a few of the ways that window film installation in Birmingham, AL can save you money and even generate potential income as well:

  • Protect each room’s furnishings: Because UV rays are so powerful, they often have the tendency to fade the material of items that receive extended exposure. This means that all of your furnishings that sit in the direct line of these rays day in and day out could be in trouble without having anything to protect them. The costs of frequently replacing items such as carpeting, curtains and drapes and other furniture that might be in the room can really add up, and the addition of window tinting that shelters your hotel from these harmful rays is just what you need to protect the investment that you make on each room.
  • Keep energy costs down: It is common for hotel guests to use the heating and cooling in their rooms with great liberty without giving much thought to how much the hotel has to pay for these services. The guests probably are not using these in excess with the explicit intention of raising your heating and cooling bills, but when families are on vacation, the hotel’s HVAC system and energy efficiency is probably not at the forefront of their minds. If you have window film installed, the rooms won’t get as warm each day due to the restriction of infrared rays, and your guests won’t have to crank the air conditioning as high to cool off the room. This may seem like a small upgrade initially, but if the guests in each room use the air conditioning a little less, your hotel will be in line for major savings each year.
  • Happier guests: With the addition of window tinting, customers will be able to rest in their rooms during the day if they choose without having to worry about the harsh rays from the sun creating glares and excessive brightness, disturbing relaxation. Ultimately, finding ways to keep your customers satisfied increases the likelihood that you will see them again as repeat customers. These happy guests can then go on to spread the word about the superior comfort level of your hotel to others, and news about your hotel could also travel by word of mouth, which is the most cost-effective form of advertising.

Commercial window film installation in Birmingham, AL is a clear solution that is beneficial to both the guests at hotels and the owners. While guests will be markedly more comfortable during their stay, you will be able to bring your operating costs down while also protecting the furnishings in each room. If you think this option might be for you and your hotel, contact the experts at Solar Control Specialists. We are committed to using our 35 years of experience to find out what works best for your establishment. Be sure to give us a call today for more info!

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